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Published: 13th October 2008
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For complete versatility when it comes to you and your guests comfort, you may consider getting a Zip and Link bed. A Zip and Link bed has many applications, for example if you have a couple staying as guests you can zip and beds up to form one large bed, or if you have 2 children staying over, you can unzip the beds and use them separately. You can also use a Zip and Link bed as your own bed for you and your partner, for example you can have 2 different types of mattress on a Zip and Link divan base so if your ideas of comfort differ, a Zip and Link bed can help.

Zip and Link beds come in 5FT Kingsize (150cm x 200) and 6FT Super Kingsize (180cm x 200cm) sizes, and split into 2 x 2FT 6" Small Single (75cm x 200cm) and 3FT Single (90cm x 200cm) respectively. The Zip and Link divan bed is split vertically, with the mattresses being held together tightly by a Zip, whilst the Divan Base is held together with linking bars. Zip and Link beds are extremely comfortable and the mattresses come in a wide range of various comforts with different fillings and spring systems. Zip and Link beds also come in all different price ranges so you can find one that is perfect to suit your budget.

One of our top quality Zip and Link divan beds is the Dreamworks Marlow. The Marlow features over 1000 individually pocketed springs, with a later of luxurious visco elastic memory foam resting on top for ultimate comfort and support. The mattress is also non turn and features multiple layers of sumptuous fillings. The mattress is held together with padded double machine side stitched borders and is hand tufted. The base of the marlow is available as a platform top, 7" firm edge or a sprung edge base and is available with or without storage drawers. The base is also on twin wheel castors which makes maneuvering the base into the room of your choice extremely easy.

Another top quality Zip and Link Divan bed is the Relyon Countess. The Luxury countess Zip and Link divan bed features over 2400 individually pocketed springs available in 3 spring tensions, combined with luxury fillings of lambswool, mohair and horse hair. The mattress surface is made from cotton felt and features woolen tufts is hand side stitched to keep the fillings in place. On top of this, the Countess features Handles for ease of rotation and vents for increased airflow throughout the mattress. The base of the Countess Zip and Link Divan Bed is upholstered in luxurious Belgian damask fabric and is sprung edge with a sturdy timber frame. The base is also fitted with top quality Shepherd castors for ease of mobility.

You will find a wide range of different Zip and Link divan beds from all of the leading bed manufacturers at discount prices on the internet. For that perfect Zip and Link divan bed at the best value for money, visit Bedstar.

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