Worst roads for traffic accidents in Europe

Published: 28th January 2009
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If you go to Europe and you're planning on driving there, or if you live there and are going to be going on holiday, there are some roads that are much more dangerous than others. A recent report showed that Bulgaria was the worst place for fatalities from traffic accidents out of the twenty-nine different countries that were studied. Other dangerous roads were in Spain, Romania, Hungary, and Lithuania. The comparisons of the roads were based on reports that had been done in 2001 regarding fatalities and were conducted again in 2007 to see if there was improvement or whether the most dangerous of roads had essentially remained the same. There were other countries that had a lot of problems in the past and they corrected their problems so that they could keep their travellers safer. These areas included France, Portugal, and Luxembourg. The problems on some of the roads come from a lack of seat belt use, but there are other problems including excessive speed and drunk driving. Some areas of Europe worked harder to crack down on those kinds of problems than other areas did, and those areas were where the problems lessened.

Europe still has many problems with road fatalities, however, because the Baltic nations and other places are not good about ensuring that people follow speed limits, drunk driving laws, and other rules. If these things were enforced more carefully and consistently there would be a better chance of saving more lives on European roads. Another way that countries can help reduce the number of fatalities on their roads is to follow the example of France and put in cameras that take pictures of those who speed. Knowing that you're going to receive an expensive ticket if you don't slow down is a good deterrent to speeding, and if a camera can capture you doing so there doesn't have to be an officer around for you to end up in trouble. That means that officers can be out there doing something else and you probably won't even see the camera that captures your license plate and how fast you were going.


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