Why Businesses Need Copywriters

Published: 12th March 2007
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Communicating your business messages effectively powers your bottom line. Once people see that visually-striking ad, readers observe the message with a critical eye. Even just a few words can have a lasting impact. For instance, consider the L'Oreal beauty product slogan: 'Because You're Worth It.' Those four words hit home for their primary target audience'women. Why? Because women generally want to feel beautiful, confident and 'worth it.' Not only does that slogan leave an incredible impression, women also remember it. And remembering your brand is the key to your business success.

Your typical consumer is bombarded with thousands of advertising messages each day via Internet, print ads, radio ads, and television. These days, you have a small window of opportunity to attract your audience. For Internet materials, you have a 2-to-5-second window; for print materials, you have a 10-second window. Which ever medium you choose to communicate through'press releases, articles, brochures, newsletters or websites'effective and experienced copywriters help you reach your target audience, attract them to your message, and persuade them to act on what you want them to do.

Copywriters identify the business objectives you want to achieve and the target audience you need to reach'customers, the general public, suppliers, associates, industry peers or employees'and write the appropriate style. Essentially, copywriters coordinate the design, copywriting, editing, proofreading, printing and distribution of your written documents while ensuring total quality control.

What do you gain from having a copywriter? You gain the opportunity to build credibility, to increase public awareness about your company, and to reach your target audience effectively.


When you need a brochure or newsletter to send to your customers or employees, copywriters manage the entire process to bring your idea from concept to printed publication. Copywriters plan the production of regular publications, such as monthly newsletters, drawing up a production schedule and managing all content to ensure consistency through each issue.

Whatever you want to print, copywriters ensure it conveys the message you want your readers to understand.

Publication materials include:

' Annual Reports

' Books

' Brochures

' Customer Newsletters

' Employee Newsletters

' Advertisements

Public Relations

Every time you present any aspect of your business publicly, you are using public relations. From meeting customers to present at events or submitting articles to the media, the aim of public relations is to present your business positively.

Experienced copywriters understand all elements of public relations: your needs as a client and the needs of journalists and editors. Copywriters can research and write articles, case studies and press releases for you and produce newsletters aimed at your clients or employees. They also create ongoing public relations programs so that you enhance your business profile over a period of time.

Copywriters can act as your PR consultants or business journalists. They can plan your PR activity, write your PR materials and liaise with the media.

PR materials include:

' Case Studies

' External PR Programs

' Internal PR and communications

' Interviews

' Media Liaison

' Press Releases

' Speeches

' Web Content

' White Papers


Public speaking is an essential part of presenting your business. Whether you are speaking to customers, industry peers, suppliers or employees, well-written material is the basis for giving an effective performance to your audience.

Experienced copywriters can write a presentation and performance, including dramatic productions staged in public. They can research and write suitable material for your presentation or speech, and advise you on how to give the best performance.

Speech materials include:

' Presentations

' Speeches


The Internet provides a vast array of opportunity to brand your business. These opportunities include your corporate web site, search engine optimization, landing pages, weblogs, electronic ads, e-mail campaigns and many more. Web sites can be both effective and complex, and are an essential organic communication tool for businesses. Copywriters can help you exploit the dynamism of the Internet by producing clear and impacting messages that will deliver the right message in 2-to-5 seconds, increase traffic to your web site, and convince your audience to purchase your services or products.

Internet materials include:

' Web Site Content

' Search Engine Optimization

' Landing Pages

' Web Ads

' Spam

' Weblogs

' Email Campaigns


With their full services, copywriters help you maximize the 'bang for your buck' thus positively impacting your bottom line.

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Peter Kuczaj is the Founder and President of Crocus Plains Software Ltd, a leading software development services and enterprise solutions agency. Crocus Plains offers business services for web design and development, Internet marketing and search engine optimization, and customized enterprise software development. For more information, visit CrocusPlains.com.

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