Vaginal Rejuvenation Via Vaginoplasty and Labiaplasty

Published: 19th January 2009
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Vaginal rejuvenation is cosmetic surgery of both the vagina and the labia to improve their appearance and tighten and tone the muscles. This restorative surgery can be done simultaneously to beautify the vaginal area.

Many women become unhappy with their vagina or labia after they have experienced childbirth because the muscles are stretched and sometimes torn during vaginal deliveries. If a woman has had multiple births, then this problem can worsen each time she experiences childbirth and the muscles usually do not return to their pre-pregnancy size. The increased size means that there is usually a lack of friction during sexual action thereby reducing the likelihood of reaching an orgasm. In some cases, there is discomfort or pain during intercourse that leads to an avoidance of sex and dissatisfaction for the woman and her partner.

A vaginoplasty will tighten the woman's vagina so that it is similar to what it was prior to childbirth thereby increasing the woman's ability to reach an orgasm and making the vagina more appealing aesthetically. Some women have a loose vagina even if they have never had children so a vaginoplasty is a good option for them as many of them have never experienced satisfying sexual activities because the diameter of the vagina was too large to allow for enough friction or sensation during sex.

Some women are born with an irregularly shaped or large labia that is embarrassing for them when they wear tight clothing such as a bathing suit or pants as their labia is very visible. Others develop misshapen labia after childbirth because it has been stretched during delivery and often doesn't return to its normal size. A labiaplasy will reduce and reshape the labia minora or outside small lips to beautify the labia so that is more pleasant to look at for themselves, their partner or for those who want to wear tight clothing without a constant labial irritation.

Vaginal rejuvenations are usually done for cosmetic reasons due to patient embarrassment or self esteem reasons because the woman wants to improve the look and size of her vaginal area. Relationship issues can cause women to seek surgery as well if their sexual activities are being undermined because of discomfort or pain occurring during intercourse. If a woman is uncomfortable during exercise or when she wears clothing that display her enlarged genital area, it can make her self conscious and avoid social interaction where she might be ridiculed or feel inferior.

Vaginal rejuvenation surgeries are performed under anesthesia or under sedation (twilight sleep)and usually last one to two hours. Combining a labiaplasty with a vaginoplasty does not increase the recovery time. A patient can return to work after one week but must continue limited activity for up to three weeks. Sexual activities cannot be resumed for six weeks to ensure that the vaginal area is completely healed. A woman will be pleased to see immediate results from the labiaplasty and of course from her vaginoplasty once she starts sexual activity. Her self-esteem and sexual satisfaction should improve dramatically after her recovery so that besides a vaginal rejuvenation she will also experience rejuvenation in her outlook on life in general.


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