Using A Green Room Studio For Video Production

Published: 07th January 2010
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A green room studio is perfect for video production on any film. A green room studio can place your actors in any environment. This is good for any video; expecially one that is advanced, but made with a low budget. You can bring any scene to life with a green room studio. Video production was raised to a new level when green room studios started to come into play.

If you are having a huge war scene and then you want to cut to a more in depth scene with fewer people, a green room studio is perfect to use. You can have bombs blowing up and rifles going off in every single direction with a green room. You will even be able to have soldiers running back and fourth, shooting and flailing around; what ever is perfect for your video production can be managed with a green room studio.

Other backdrops and environments can be difficult to add on to; such as natural backgrounds and other colored rooms. With a green room studio, you are ready to work on any video you could think of. So, you are having a cops and robbers shoot out. You can have all the main works that you are going to be focusing on in the green room studio at one time, ilm their faces and all of their close-ups. You can get as involved and detailed in the background and what is going on three hundred and sixty degrees around your scene. You can have a cop blowing up a corvette that is being used by a robber, with a launcher while another cop is being knocked down by two robbers on the other side of the screen. That is just your surroundings, you still have your live action shoot out to film and lay in front of that adrenaline rush.

A green room studio makes video production fun and more intriguing. It is more believable to have four unlucky persons running from a group of carnivorous raptors, created on the computer and layed over the green; opposed to having some cheap props in the background, rigged to look like they are moving. A green room studio will take your video from a "B" movie, to an "A" movie. Your video production is left more than open ended if you used green room studio; who knows where your video will go with opportunity like that.

A green room studio throws the watcher right in the middle of what going on. Instead of over used close ups and weird angles to hide the background, have guns blazing and fuel burning to distract patrons; have them rewinding there video and buying second tickets in the theatre. A green room studio is used in almost every successful video. There is no reason to rush a movie and settle for any location. Take your time on your video and make your own location. Your own location will come out ten times better than any natural setting because it is designed completely by you!
Orion Media is a world class video production company based in Melbourne. The head office stages the largest green room studio in Australasia. Orion's green room studio is available for hire for video production.

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