Use the Law of Attraction to Find Your Ideal Partner

Published: 02nd February 2007
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Use the Law of Attraction to Find Your Ideal Partner

The law of attraction is at work in every single human relationship. Using the law of attraction to our benefit, we can attract our ideal partner. First, you must visualize and imagine the type of mate you seek: everything from looks to intelligence to personality to interests. This will create space in your heart, and in your life, for that special someone to eventually materialize.

Let the Universe do its Work

In utilizing the law of attraction, not only do you have to be clear about what you desire in an ideal mate, but you also must be very clear about what you want in life, generally speaking. What is important to you? To find the one who's right for you, you first must know yourself and your deepest desires in life. The law of attraction then sets the stage for inserting your soul mate into your overarching life picture. If you're not clear about yourself and your life goals, then the law of attraction doesn't have the energy it requires to set the universe in motion to nudge your true partner into your life. By knowing who you are and what you want, the law of attraction acts as a magnet for drawing that special someone toward you--someone who is already aligned with your energies.

Sometimes who we thought was the 'right' person doesn't work out. Do not give up on the law of attraction! Often this is because you or your partner is still growing and changing. Perhaps you were perfect for one another during a specific time in your lives, but now you have grown apart. Be grateful for the good times you did have together, but don't force yourself to cling to something that has no chance of working. Life is always evolving.

But don't be too quick to give up on a relationship. You must be able to differentiate between a relationship truly not being able to work and trivial discord. Sometimes disharmony within a relationship stems from negative feelings affecting the law of attraction. If you are harboring negative thoughts about your partner, the law of attraction is manifesting discord in your relationship! If you are behaving in a hateful manner, the law of attraction will render your partner hateful toward you. Rather, you should communicate honestly and politely with your partner, and back up your clear communication with positive thoughts. Visualize the ideal person that you know your partner is capable of being instead of the sour person he or she has been lately. Behave in a loving manner toward your partner, and soon your partner will radiate love right back to you. The law of attraction will bestow the perfect partner upon you!
David Hooper is founder of the Guide for Living Institute, a think tank designed to help people enjoy life. His new book on Law of Attraction is available at or can be downloaded free of charge at

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