Understanding the Auto Consultant Home Business

Published: 22nd September 2008
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If you're looking for a great business model to invest in that you can be assured will be a success, the next few minutes could be the most important in your business career as we introduce you to the Automotive Consultant.

Auto Consultants work with their clients to help them purchase their next car or truck. Simply put, your clients will pay you to find them a great deal, and save them the hassle of working with a car salesman.

Auto Consultants have been around for years, sometimes called Personal Car Buyers or even Car Brokers. However, one of the things that distinguishes this opportunity from any other is the relationship the consultant has with the buyer. The consultant is working strictly for the car buyer. The consultant does not purchase the vehicle or have any other arrangements with a dealership. This is important because it allows you, the Auto Consultant, to guarantee that you have your client's best interests in mind.

If you love cars and you enjoy helping people, this is an incredible home business opportunity! Each Auto Consultant is an independent affiliate of Auto Professionals LLC. That means that you will be your own boss, set your own hours, and determine your own income. This is not an MLM, networking scheme, or even a franchise. There are no franchise fees or profit sharing of any kind!

How it works is simple. An interested client approaches you for help with their next vehicle purchase. You provide a brief consultation during which time you determine what kind of vehicle they're looking for, if they have a trade in, and any other circumstances or requirements. You will then provide them a flat rate quote for your services, which will vary from a few hundred dollars for a common economy car, to thousands of dollars for high end or classic vehicles. You will explain that it's your job to handle all of the research and administrative details with finding their chosen vehicle, and that you will be able to guarantee them the lowest possible price on that car, or their money back.

Even if you weren't able to save clients hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars, people would still want your help just to save them the time and hassle, and to provide the peace of mind that comes with knowing they got a good deal.

Once they've agreed to your quote, you will use the training, software and documentation we'll provide to find their vehicle and ensure the lowest possible price.

The initial investment required to start your new business will vary depending on what optional equipment you need and other variables. However, regardless of your options, you'll find that the investment needed to start is much less than most franchises and affiliates.

Additionally, all Auto Consultants are provided with two additional revenue stream opportunities. First, each new consultant is provided with a Fuel Cell and resell rights for the Fuel Cell kit. This amazing technology can be installed in any vehicle, and will improve that vehicles MPG by at least 50%. Second, all new consultants are immediately brought under the umbrella of Auto Professional LLC's dealer license, giving you the ability to purchase vehicles from auctions at wholesale prices.

To find out more about Auto Consultants, or to consider going into business for yourself as an Automotive Professional, please visit http://www.AutoProfessionals.com.
Auto Professionals LLC is owned by J.W. Patterson and has been in business for over 27 years. In that time, they've helped countless entrepreneurs get started in the automotive consulting industry. Their website is http://www.AutoProfessionals.com.

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