Understaffing Causes Medical Negligence

Published: 17th December 2008
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Medical negligence in the hospital setting is often because nurses are charged with giving care to far too many patients. Many medical facilities are routinely understaffed, often due to budgetary constraints. Another problem hospitals are dealing with is that the nursing shortage in the United States has become critical, with not enough properly trained graduates entering the workforce. This staffing crisis sometimes means that technicians with little medical training often complete duties that were once performed by properly licensed nurses. Action needs to be taken to train more registered nurses for the future.

As people live longer, the demand for skilled nurses will continue to be strong. One way in which hospital negligence can be minimized, is to be sure that the patient has a friend or relative with them as much as possible. This person can be a second set of ears to double-check orders and treatments with the attending physician and nursing staff. If the advocate notices that the patient is not being well cared for, they can request a supervisor to intervene on behalf of their ill or injured friend or relative,reducing the likelihood of medical negligence.
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