Top French Chef Alain Ducasse is now a Monaco Star Chef

Published: 22nd August 2008
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Before the age of television and multimedia, cooks and chefs have dwelled unseen in kitchens. They created their masterpieces anonymously, hoping for little more than their customers delight in return.

Recently, fine chefs have finally come into the spotlight. Several talented culinary artists around the world have been given television shows, book deals and the opportunity to truly share their skills with the world.

Alain Ducasse is one of the world's most beloved chefs. His experience as a chef dates back to when he was just 16 years old in France. At this young age, he apprenticed at the Pavillon Landais restaurant in Soustons. Soon after that, he assisted the celebrated chef Roger Verge at Moulin de Mougins. It was here that Ducasse formed the basis of his signature cooking style.

Over the next several years, Ducasse held the title of chef at many fine restaurants in France. His skill became widely known, and in 1984 he was honoured with a two star rating in the Michelin Red Guide. The two-star rating is not given lightly, and Alain Ducasse was delighted to receive such a rating.

However, Ducasse would soon earn an even higher honor. While acting as Chef des Cuisines at Le Louis XV in Monte Carlo, he was awarded the highly coveted three-star Red Guide rating.

Since then, Chef Ducasse has had the golden touch. Every restaurant he works in receives the highest accolades from critics and diners alike. He set a world record by becoming the only chef to own restaurants rated with three Michelin stars in three countries at once. His name is associated with a vast number of cookbooks, restaurants, inns, and cooking schools.

Chef Ducasse's distinctive style is punctuated by his desire to make fine dining accessible to everyone. He doesn't believe that haute cuisine should be reserved only for those in the privileged upper tiers of society. He believes that restaurants are, at their core, about eating and not about the pretentions that many other chefs assign to their food.

Recently, Ducasse has been in the news for something other than his restaurants. He has given up his French citizenship and become a citizen of Monaco. The small principality is often regarded as a tax haven for the very wealthy since citizens do not pay income tax. Ducasse's citizenship was approved by Prince Albert II, the sovereign ruler of Monaco.

Chef Ducasse's Le Louis XV is located in Monaco, and he is said to have very strong ties to the community. Ducasse has publicly denied that the relinquishment of his French citizenship was a financial move, insisting that the move will not save him much money.

Instead, the move is said to be due to his attachment to and love for Monaco. It's easy to see Ducasse's point: the principality is an enchanting place with an ideal climate. Any hotel in Monaco would welcome him to lead their team.

Monaco is perhaps most well known for being home to the world famous Monte Carlo Casino, an opulent playground for the very wealthy. However, Alain Ducasse, like all other Monegasques, will be unable to enjoy the casino facilities.


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