There is No Such Thing as an Accident

Published: 12th November 2009
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There was a saying that 'there was no such thing as an accident'. Of course to some people this might seem a little bit unfair, because so many of us have had an accident of some sort. Basically the crux of this statement is that in most cases, an accident at work are the result of someone's negligence or lack of care. Most laws take the view that it is not just what you did, but what you didn't do to prevent an accident. For instance if you are a professional driver and have an accident whilst speeding or not paying full attention to the road, then it could be argued that your behaviour was negligent and you are obviously responsible for the accident directly.

On the other hand if you notice something in your work place that could lead to an accident and don't do your best to make the situation safe you could be held just as responsible, albeit indirectly. Recent surveys show that over 45 per cent of all work related accidents are as simple as slips, trips and falls. The hazards which are most likely to catch us out, even in dangerous working environments, are usually the most obvious to avoid. In offices this could mean that to decrease working accidents it is important to keep work areas and walkways clear, to pick up rubbish and generally keep up with the 'housework.' In more dangerous environments such as factories warehouses and so on, where heavy machinery and or chemicals are used it is important to make sure that you are properly trained to use equipment, tools or substances.


If you have any concerns regarding your health and safety in your work, speak to your manager, it is always best that several people raise health and safety issues, rather than no-one. Should your manager not be forthcoming with help and guidance then it is best to speak with a specialist solicitor, like Irwin Mitchell, who will take you through every step of your accident claim.

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