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Published: 23rd August 2009
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A small company started in 1837 by a man born in Rutland, Vermont by the name of John Deere, has evolved over the last 172 years from making farm equipment to residential, commercial, golf and forestry equipment as well. It's hard to believe that a blacksmith became the most popular and world renowned person that he is today. And while all that's left of him is basically a name, the name speaks volumes for the shaping of tractors and lawn mowers, plows and backhoes that are in high demand today. John Deere had an idea to help farmers back in Grand Detour, Illinois that made tractors what they are today, who knows what we might be without if it wasn't for his genius.

After leaving his family to set out looking for more blacksmithing work, he developed the cast plow idea. Working with others on the farm one day with a regular iron plow proved to be grueling work on the Midwest soil for any farmer. With farmers becoming discouraged because of the laborious and unsuccessful work on the farm, many were making plans to leave and head back to Vermont or other places. It was after this he had the idea to construct the cast plow; little did he know how his idea would shape the future for farmers. It wasn't long after he made his first cast plow that he set about building his manufacturing company; the first of its kind in those days.

From the moment John Deere began making and putting his name on his products his overall goal was to build the best product of the best quality. He vowed, "I will never put my name on a product that does not have in it the best that is in me." To this day the company prides itself on the value of their products. It's no wonder why John Deere tractors are still the number one best selling tractors on the market. The company stands behind each and every product they make, down to every piece, and make it known. Even young boys cherish the brand and all that it stands for.

John Deere's products now range from: riding mowers, zero-turn mowers, utility tractors, and gator utility tractors, walk behind mowers, trimmer, blowers and saws, home and workshop equipment, attachments, landscape equipment and even, snow equipment. And these products service everything from:

Agricultural Equipment - The John Deere Company has the largest and most popular product line of farming equipment around.

Commercial & Consumer Equipment - John Deere wide array of tractors and mowers continue to grow each year. They have a full product catalogue that can be view at any of their locations across the US or online.

Construction & Forestry - John Deere continues to be the leading manufacturer of forestry equipment in the world.

This list comes directly from the web-site. There you will find more information about the many tractors they have to offer, their financing and credit requirements and even more about the company itself; if you're curious.

If you are just in search of great tractors you can view their whole line of tractors online, they vary from; compact tractors to track tractors also to used tractors. Depending on ones need, a simple tractor in the 2000 series may be just what one is looking for, but for those farmers who need something more you might wish to go up to the 4000 series compact utility tractor. Of course there's a tractor for every need; row-crop tractors, specialty tractors and even four wheel drive tractors like the 9030 series.

Remember you can go online to find all that the John Deere Company has to offer. You will even be able to build your own online, one that will be custom made to fit your specific needs; just like building a car... that's a John Deere for you... the Cadillac of tractors.


Robert Tate - Region Sales Manager of Mascus UK. Mascus is an electronic marketplace for used tractors, trailers and used trucks. Mascus makes trading in John Deere tractors more efficiently by collecting all information about supply and demand in one place. All dealers, producers and end users are welcome to offer their used machines and trucks for sale via the marketplace.


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