The Law of Attraction: Good Vibrations, Good Life

Published: 02nd February 2007
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The Law of Attraction: Good Vibrations, Good Life

Everything in the entire universe is composed of energy. The only difference in this energy among different objects or life forms is its rate of vibration. This vibration is the foundation for the law of attraction. That's why people instinctively say things like, 'I get nothing but good vibes from that guy,' 'this place gives me bad vibes' or 'we're on the same wavelength.' Similar vibrations, or energies, are attracted to or repulsed by one another, just like the opposite ends of a magnet.

Using Psychic Energy to Your Benefit

You can use the law of attraction to your benefit simply by remaining focused on whatever it is you are trying to achieve. Maintaining attention, or mental focus, is a powerful type of psychic energy. If you lose your mental focus on what it is you want to attain, the vibration will fade, and so will your chances of attaining that which you desire. This is the very nature of the law of attraction.

But the law of attraction also works in the other direction if you focus only on the negative! In other words, if you focus only on the negative things in your life, you will continue to attract mostly negative circumstances to yourself! Have you ever noticed that consistently happy people enjoy more positive outcomes? And that chronically negative people always have things going wrong in their lives?

The law of attraction is all about creating. It creates by attracting, and it attracts by creating. The law of attraction manifests whatever it is you focus your mind on--whether that's positive or negative. So the biggest lesson that the law of attraction teaches us is the power of our own psychic energy--or very simply put, the power of thought. If you desire a positive outcome, all you have to do is consistently focus your mind on it; this is the law of attraction, plain and simple. Your thought waves put the law of attraction in motion.

Emotions, like thoughts, dramatically affect the law of attraction. As a matter of fact, your thoughts and feelings are so powerful, that they can destroy something that all external forces are working hard to put in place. Perhaps you dearly want a new job. Your resume is at the top of the stack, and your interview was stellar. But you have a deep-seated fear that you will not get the job, and you repeatedly engage in negative self-talk: 'Oh, they'll never hire me. That other guy was wearing an Italian designer suit!'

If you desire a particular external outcome, you must first cultivate the corresponding internal energy!
David Hooper is founder of the Guide for Living Institute, a think tank designed to help people enjoy life. His new book on Law of Attraction is available at or can be downloaded free of charge at

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