The Importance of Advertising Agencies

Published: 19th October 2009
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It is a common fact that in order for a business or organization to be successful they need to be available to a wide audience. They need to be recognized for the products or services that they have to offer and they need to be trusted by their target market. If you own a business or are involved in an organization then you will understand what I am talking about and the best way of securing all of this is through the correct use of advertising. So to ensure that your business or organization is in fact advertised in the correct manner you need to enlist the help of an advertising agency.

It is the job of an advertising agency to ensure that your business is recognized and to ensure that the products and services that your business has to offer are marketed correctly. In order to help you do this effectively there are a number of different advertising agencies available. Some of the most common types of agencies that are available to you includes full service agencies, what these are is a combination of fee based and commission based compensation. The way that this works is that the fee is paid for the marketing that is carried out, the commission aspect however is a payment from the media to the agency and is usually equal to 15% of the cost of the advertisement. So what forms of businesses usually undertake this agency work? The most common forms are broadcast media, radio and television, this is because these are traditional media methods and full service agencies are a traditional method of advertising. So what else? Another common type of advertising agency is a limited service one.

This type of service specializes on a particular function such as the development of advertising messages, media planning, or media buying. Basically it means the agency takes care of part of the advertising and you as a business handle the rest. This could be a great option if you are on more of a budget where you're advertising and marketing is concerned.

Both of the above are examples of work that is carried out across a broad range of businesses and industries, however if you are looking for something that is a bit more specialized then you are in luck. This is because when it comes to your marketing efforts you may want something that is a bit more specialized; this is where the help of a specialized advertising agency comes into play. You could want promotional material produced for a particular niche such as medical, financial or entertainment. In cases such as this you will want the help of an agency who knows what they are talking about, hence why specialized agencies exist.

The type of help that you take on where the promotion of your business or organization is concerned depends on what is best for the business you undertake so you will make your decision based on this. Just remember there is a lot of help available where your business concerned so make sure you take full advantage of this as advertising is essential to the success of any business, so don't let yours fall behind!


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