The Double Bed

Published: 27th August 2008
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The double bed has always been the original size for 2 people sharing a bed or for 1 person who needs that little bit of extra room.

The UK standard double bed size is approximately 135cm wide by 190cm long. This is not to be confused with the European double bed which you can buy from non UK companies and are usually 140cm wide by 200cm long, and so will not fit a standard UK bedframe or divan. In imperial measurement, the Double bed is 4FT 6" wide by 6FT 3" long, and most retailers will call the double bed a 4FT 6" Double, not a 135cm Double.
All different sorts of beds are available in the standard double size. Such as Divan Beds, Ottoman Beds and Bedsteads in leather, wood and metal. Double headboards are also designed to fit a standard UK 4FT 6" Double Divan Bed. Double Divan Bed Bases also come with many different storage option combinations, such as 2 Drawer, 4 Drawer, 2 Drawer Continental, 4 Drawer Continental, Sliding Drawer, End drawer storage and Ottoman Storage.
All of the leading bed manufacturers supply beds in 4FT 6" Double, such as Silentnight, Relyon, Rest Assured, Sealy, Slumberland, Dunlopillo and Sleepeezee, all with various fillings, spring systems, tensions and prices.
Although the Kingsize and Super Kingsize are larger than the average double bed, space is becoming more of an issue nowadays and you may not have room in your bedroom for one of the larger beds. This isn't to say that a double bed isn't spacious, as there is plenty of room for you and your partner to enjoy a comfortable night's sleep, and the double bed is still the UK's preferred bed size.

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