The best place to camp in Europe

Published: 06th October 2008
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People go to Europe for a lot of reasons, but many people don't realize the abundant amount of places to camp there.

If you like camping you can see a lot of Europe much more cheaply than you would if you stayed in hotels, and you can get back to nature with some beautiful places to stay and see the scenery.

One of these is Three Cliffs Bay, Gower. It has huge, panoramic views of the coastline and the beach is accessible from the site even though the climb up and down is a bit steep. It's never a packed place because there isn't a car-park close enough for a lot of the campers who aren't really serious about what they do.

If France is more your style, you can try the Le Val De Cantonbre in Aveyron. Some of the most spectacular landscapes anywhere in France are to be found at this camping site, which is on the grounds of a farmhouse that was built in medieval times. There are places to pitch tents which are on terraces that look down into a valley and there are also a lot of activities there so a person certainly won't be bored.

These are only two of the many wonderful campsites that are available all throughout Europe. If you do a little looking around and you ask other campers, you can find even more options for European camping almost anywhere. Many sites on the Internet also offer the personal experiences of other campers, so you'll know what people liked and didn't like. You can then make a determination of whether the things they mentioned matter to you, so you'll know whether to camp there or to move on and camp somewhere else.


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