The Advantages of Yurts

Published: 16th October 2009
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It's probably best to get this out the way: Yurts do have disadvantages. The first disadvantage is their price; a decent yurt can set you back as much as £3000. The second disadvantage is that they are generally larger and bulkier to transport than a tent. Whether you'll consider those disadvantages as outweighing the advantages that a yurt brings is up to you.

So, what are the advantages of a yurt? Yurts tent to be sturdier and able to put up with harsher weather conditions than your average tent, being crafted of natural hard wood frames and canvas coverings.

They also offer you more space than a normal tent, with enough room to stand up at every point within them. The circular design means there's no awkward corners that are good for nothing but shoving your bags, and they tend to be much larger, which is part of what causes them to be harder to transport.

They are more waterproof, as long as the canvas remains treated, and far more comfortable. Not only can you stand up, or even sit on a chair, inside them, but their larger interior and removable roof and door coverings mean ventilation is generally better. This also means heat moves around more, preventing them getting stuffy.

Finally, many yurts come fitted with openable slots in the roofing material to put the chimney of a wood stove through. This means you can have a safe heat source inside the yurt. It can even be used for cooking!

Yurts are a little harder to put up than most tents, but that's easily made up for by the extra comfort you're afforded. They're also better for the environment, and a lot better looking, being made of wood and canvas rather than plastic and metal.

This has all led to the popularity of yurts increasing across Europe and America. They're used for holiday accommodation, to attend festivals, and even for day to day living for some people. If buying your own yurt doesn't appeal, then many places offer yurts set up throughout the summer to rent for a week.
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