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Published: 29th November 2009
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Hair straighteners can be used in many ways, and to create many different hair styles. A large number of celebrities, wanting to stand out and be noticed by the industry in order that they may find more fans, turn to stand-out hairstyles, so that they can carve out their own identity with their fans. In recent months this has been done to great effect by the pop singer Lady Gaga, whose real name is Stephani Germanotta. Lady Gaga has been a chart sensation throughout this year, and has attracted attention for a number of reasons. Aside from her catchy and popular songs, she has been noticed because of her alternative choice in clothes and her style overall, which is very different from most other celebrity singers.

Part of this style is her distinctive hair, which is moulded into shape with straighteners in order to create the trademark long, sharp look. Lady Gaga's hair is completely straight, to fit in with the rest of her edgy look. Needless to say, without the use of hair straighteners the singer's look would have none of the same edge or vibrancy that it is famed for. In fact, if she was not able to style her hair in this way, she is unlikely to have been able to create the image that she has now at all. Lady Gaga's distinctive hair is very long, with a straight, thick block of fringe. It is also a very bright shade of peroxide blonde, a colour which would definitely not be as striking if it were to be in undefined curls or waves.

All together, the look is defined by the hair. It is therefore impossible, in some instances, of which this is an example, to create an attention grabbing statement style without the use of straighteners. This is widely known, and this is why using heat products on hair is now so important for the image. This is especially needed, as is clear, in the case of celebrity singers.

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