SPQ Gold as a Sales Assessment Test

Published: 17th March 2009
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Every company today is trying to fight the cutthroat competition that is prevailing online as well as in offline businesses. Companies use a number of strategies to stay profitable in these times of severe financial meltdown. Some of them try to reduce their prices while others try to lure their customers through a number of offers and free gifts. Increasing ones sales through discount pricing and additional offers, gifts etc., can help only to a certain extent. We cannot go beyond certain limits with such strategies. After certain limits, we cannot reduce the price and yet remain profitable. Therefore, we need to look at more fundamental options to increase the sales levels. One of the most crucial aspects that needs our attention is our sales force. We need to have an effective sales force that is capable of increasing the sales levels. Both existing sales team and the new members who will be hired into the team have to perform well. Therefore, you should look at assessing the existing teams capabilities as well test those whom you are likely to hire so that you can reinforce your sales efforts.

SPQ Gold Sales Assessment by far has been the best tool to assess the sales team. You will be able to avoid a number of mistakes that people make while assessing their sales team. You can use SPQ Gold as a sales assessment test and see how your team needs to be trained for better performance and what kind of assistance that they would need from you to perform better. You will also be able to find who is out of tune in your team or the team that you are likely to hire. You can increase your sales profit dramatically by filtering the bad seeds out.

Every sales person at one time or the other exhibits one or more sales call reluctance. Using SPQ Gold as a Sales Assessment, you will be able to identify the 12 types of avoidance behavior exhibited by your sales team members. At times, your sales team itself will be unaware of the avoidance mechanisms that they are using. Therefore, other regular questionnaires will not help you find the real picture, strength or weakness of your sales team. SPQ Gold on the other hand is very specifically designed to bring out those avoidance behaviors. It is rather easier to handle your sales teams weak areas when you identify the problem areas.

Besides being an effective to tool to find your sales teams sales call reluctance problems, it turns out to be the most economical tool to hire the right sales team for your company's needs. Thus SPQ Gold as a sales assessment test brings you multiple advantages. Primarily, it gets you the right sales team to increase your sales level and secondly, it does it in the most cost-effective way. So it is the best solution for building the right sales team in these financially difficult times.

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