Speed Dating Tips for Men: How to Dress for a Speed Date and Feel Great!

Published: 04th March 2008
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Speed Dating. You've probably heard of it before and dismissed the concept as something that only losers would do. Well here's a heads up: Speed Dating attracts some seriously attractive women. Not only are the women at typical speed dating events a cut above average in the looks department, they're also single ' and looking! So guys, what are you waiting for? But before you rush out and sign up for the first event you can, make sure you look the part. There will be other men at the speed dating event you attend, and you need to make sure you stand out. The best way to do this is to dress up and look good.

Here are 6 tips that should see you make the right first impression:

1. If you're coming straight from work you're fine in a suit ' as long as it isn't too rumpled. Try and match it with a good quality shirt and stylish tie - not the same old thing you put on without thinking most mornings.

2. Shave - Although you may think Brad Pitt's 5 o'clock shadow in Fight Club looked cool, bear in mind that you're not actually Brad Pitt.

3. Although old joggers might be OK for a trip to the pub, you should make more of an effort for speed dating - girls WILL look at your shoes and reach their own conclusions. Match your shoes to your outfit - if you're going for a funky look, wear some funky shoes (funky as in cool, not smelly...), if you're wearing a suit then wear some polished dress shoes.

4. Make sure that everything goes together - no patterns with patterns, no navy blue with black. And if you're wearing leather shoes make sure that your belt matches.

5. If you're not 100% certain you can pull off what you're wearing, then you probably can't. A beige corduroy suit with a bright orange satin shirt can't be pulled off by anyone.

6. If a T-shirt isn't going to make you look your best, don't wear one speed dating, you're better off in a stylish shirt.

Speed Dating Tips from: Justin Parfitt, CEO and Founder of FastLife International, the world's largest speed dating and singles events service. Hosting events in 43 cities in 5 countries, including Speed Dating events in New York and Speed Dating in LA, Washington DC and Seattle members.

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