Spanish Football History

Published: 28th August 2009
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Spain has a great football history and the game is extremely famous in the country. Over the years Spain has produced great football players and have held a firm position among the best teams around the globe. The Spanish League: Spanish La Liga is one of the most popular leagues in the world. The league consists of top rated clubs like Barcelona and Real Madrid. The best players in the world of football dream to represent clubs like these two. Italy, Germany, UK and Spain have been marking their names in the European top rated clubs. Every year the Champions league is played and the top clubs from all the countries participate in it. This league started back in 1992 and it didn't take long for the Spanish football to hold a firm grip in the European football.

Barcelona and Real Madrid have a combined record of winning the Champions league four times. The Spanish clubs have attracted numerous fans from all over the world. It is widely recognised that people are crazy about watching their matches that normally are played during the weekends. Barcelona football stadium has the capacity of accommodating the most number of the spectators. Barcelona football tickets are mostly sold and booked well before the time and so is the case with Real Madrid tickets. You would always find a full house and many people dying to get into the stadium in the matches that feature Barcelona and Real Madrid. Over the years these two clubs have been winning the La Liga and every now and then one of them is found to be the winner of the Champions league. This has not only promoted increased the number of their fans but also has done great things to Spanish football. Recently the Spain international team won the European title and many thought it to be the reason of fascinating and awesome football played in Spanish clubs.

The Spanish league gives the younger Spanish players a chance to play along with the best players from different countries who participate in it. This not only has increased the quality of football played but has also attracted many towards it. It is also recognised that Spanish clubs are among the richest ones consisting of some of the most expensive players in the world.

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