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Published: 28th September 2009
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The Smarty might be the most versatile programmer out, at the present time, for the Dodge 24 valve (1998-C). Fresh out of the box the Smarty tuner comes with ten different levels on it, ranging all the way up to one hundred and seventy horsepower. And one good thing about MADS, when they make a horsepower claim they mean it. Twice daily, they test their products on a Mustang Dyno with a one hundred percent stock truck, even the air filter is stock. As if that weren't accurate enough they then take and round down to the nearest increment of 10 (eg. 90 hp setting actually did 95 hp). Along with those amazing HP numbers also comes added timing on every other setting. Now just so that everyone is on the same page, timing is simply a function of your trucks computer. Your computer controls the time at which fuel is injected into the cylinder and that timing is based upon the position of the piston within the cylinder. So more timing equals more air and results in more horsepower and better fuel mileage. And for those of you that want to see the black smoke in your rear view mirror you can pick one of the setting with out added timing. These settings offer the same amount of horse power as the other settings do but retain a timing setting that closely resembles the stock version.

As if all the above mentioned was enough to turn you on, MADS has an entire website devoted to extra software and updates that can be uploaded onto the Smarty FREE OF CHARGE. One update available at the moment called the Revo, allows you to take complete control of your Cummins. Once added to your Smarty the Revo update allows you to adjust the Speed-limiter, RPM Limiter, Shift limiter, Torque Specs, Injection timing, Rail Pressure, and the Wastegate with just a touch of a button. With all of these options the Smarty is hands down the most versatile programmer out for the Cummins and it is undetectable. What does undetectable mean for you? Well, let's imagine you have a warranty claim that you need to take your Dodge back to the dealership for. With any other programmer the dealer might be able to detect that a modification had been made to vehicle. But not with the Smarty, due to the unique way in which Smarty alters the ECM (your trucks computer) it makes it undetectable and safe on your warranty.

All things consider, the power, mileage gain, versatility, and the safety of the Smarty makes it an option that all Dodge owners should highly consider when it comes time to make a performance up grade.
Eric Schumann
Age 29
Smarty Tuners

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