Short Course: Learning the art of chocolate making!

Published: 07th October 2009
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The fact that chocolate was first used as a drink, rather than a delicious treat, may come a bit of a surprise, but just think how wonderful it feels to drink a cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter night and you will understand. That tasty brown liquid not only warms up your body, but also enlightens your soul.

Enjoying a flavorsome drink is nice, but not very practical when you have to go out and you don't have a travel mug. Wrapping it as a gift is not easy either. It may spill and wet the packaging, or you may be tempted to drink it yourself even before you get to your destination.

One cannot but wonder if these were some of the reasons why the Dutch family Van Houten opened a chocolate factory in Amsterdam in 1815 and started the manufacturing of chocolate products that could be eaten rather than drank. From chocolate chunks it was only a short jump to chocolate bars and the decadent assortment of pralines, truffles and puffs available to us today.

Chocolates are extremely popular and can be gifted any time of the year. Lovers will give them to each other in heart-shaped boxes on Valentine's Day and at Christmas time, gourmet assortments are delivered in Season appropriate shapes and packages. Even at birthdays, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, baby showers, or every-day social visits chocolates are always received with a smile.

Eating chocolate makes people happy and may trigger the desire in some to get creative and start producing their own cream-filled squares, which could be used for home consumption, to give away on special occasions, or to start a home-based business.

To become a 'chocolatier' or 'chocolate producer' is easier than you think and only requires a short course. In a single, hands-on practice day, students will learn tempering techniques using pure Belgium chocolate couverture and specialty molds. They will master the process of using mechanical devices and temperature to control the chocolate so that when molded it forms a stable solid with a smooth, shiny surface and will be able to generate their own chocolate recipes.

Knowing where to buy ingredients and understanding the entire chocolate manufacturing process is imperative to the trade, but not the only aspect that will make handmade products stand out from the pack. To be successful and create an indulgence that will make eyes glitter and mouths water, the packaging has to match the product inside.

Paper plates or plastic containers are not appropriate showcase units, even if you decorate them with a colourful bow or ribbon. Beautiful designer gift and gourmet boxes are far more suitable, but may be out of your reach if you are working within a limited budget. Fortunately, when you live in Melbourne and take the chocolate making - short courses - at Carrick, you will not only make scrumptious chocolates, but will also be trained in the art of personalized box making.

Participating in chocolate making workshops is the best way to acquire proper skills and knowledge. Under the watchful eye of a teacher, mistakes can be prevented and students can pick up tips and suggestions they would have missed if they had experimented on their own. These new chocolatiers will learn so much that by the time they leave the campus, they will be so competitive they could make Willy Wonka nervous!


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