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Published: 08th April 2010
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All SEO Expert Consultants will tell you that a huge part of SEO web design is writing SEO friendly content. It is not very hard to write SEO content and the end result does not even have to look like ugly stilted prose. Knowing what search engines look for while indexing will shed a little light in this regard. But first and most importantly is that everyone wanting to write SEO content is that they are not writing for search engines, they are writing for people. It is a fact that search engines look for content that has information and interesting content, rather than one which is so optimized that it's not a good read.

The best way to write SEO content is to write well. It's as simple as that. Believe it or not, search engines have ways of finding out whether a web page is trying to fool them or is not what it seems to be about. Trying to play games with search engines may eventually lead to lost rankings or even a ban. The best thing to do is to actually write content that is relevant to the topic concerned. Putting keywords in the beginning of the article also helps to catch the search engine's eyes. After the second or third paragraph, using synonyms of the actual keyword phrase is a good idea. For instance, if you are writing content about coffee mugs, make sure the keyphrase appears in the first sentence.

Good SEO web design is also about using more lists than paragraphs. This will ensure that the content doesn't look repetitive, even if it is. Good SEO expert consultants are also known to make keywords a part of the actual copy. For instance, if you are promoting a website called make sure that the actual link is there in the copy and not a "click here". Using internal sub - headings that include the keyword phrase is another tactic to get the search engine's attention. Also, using heading tags in sub - headings and repeating the keyword phrase is something many SEO expert consultants do. Always, always proofread written content before putting it up on a website. It is not only profession SEO web design behaviour, but a lack of it actually indicates sloppy careless behaviour. Having grammatical and spelling errors in copy is one of the worst mistakes a SEO expert consultant can make.

Good SEO web design has a lot to do with repetition of keywords. A thumb rule that you can follow is to use the key phrase twice in the first paragraph, once in the main heading, once in every sub - heading, two to four times in the document, twice in the meta title and two to three times in the links. HTML tags to highlight the keyword phrase are also a good idea.

Last but not the least, good SEO expert consultants never forget the fact that they are writing for the visitor to a particular website and not for the search engines. Making content visitor-friendly never manages to fail.
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