Now you can use a webcam without having a webcam!

Published: 02nd September 2009
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Video calls or video chatting over the Internet really adds to the experience of being in contact to the person you are talking to. The trouble is, if you have an old web camera, they won't be able to see you as soon as it gets dark, well they might see you but you will not be looking good. Or you might not have a webcam, or might have forgotten to take it with you and you are already on the road. There also may be other issues, such as the lack of USB ports to connect one, as you have already connected a mouse, keyboard, ADSL modem and your USB flash drive to your laptop's standard 4 USB connectors. Some computers came with even less USB ports than that, and reconnecting devices to your computer quickly becomes tiring, not to mention that devices tend to stop responding on numerous reconnections demanding a restart to start working again.

So how can you get seen without attaching a webcam? How about using your mobile phone? If your mobile supports the bluetooth wireless connection, and has a camera in it, chances are there is some software to be found, even free, to enable you to use the phone's camera as a webcam over a bluetooth connection. Even if you don't have a bluetooth adapter on your computer, getting it is cheaper than getting a webcam with the fall of prices experienced today, and also enables you to finally connect your mobile to your computer, and enable you to access your data on it. Be warned, however, that sometimes making this connection work can be tedious. Those having Nokia mobile phones will have more luck, as it seems that the majority of shareware and freeware programs support the Symbian S60 platform. Some downsides of using your mobile phone as a webcam may be a slow framerate you will get when using higher resolutions, but when you also install software that will enable you to use the phone's microphone on your computer as well, you will be happy again. It is the time of economic crisis, and saving up money for yourself and your friends by making another device out of a mobile is just the thing you need to do.

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