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Published: 19th July 2010
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The increasingly high costs of dental care in the U.S. used to be your only option for good oral health. Nowadays, however, hundreds of mostly American-trained dentists have set up practices in border towns along the Mexican border. The level of care is equivalent to what U.S. dentists offer. However, the costs are often up to 75 percent lower than they are north of the border.

One of the most well-developed and efficient cities for Mexico dentists is Los Algodones, Baja California, which is the border town nearest to Yuma, Arizona. Over the past 10 years this formerly sleepy little agricultural town has grown to attract over 350 dentists and more square feet of dental office space than any other place in Mexico.

They offer everything from routine dental care to root canals, tooth extraction, bridges and false teeth, and even cosmetic dentistry. Typical U.S. dental insurance will cost you more out of your pocket for most work in the U.S. than paying the entire bill yourself at a Mexican dentist.

The convenience of visiting a dentist in Los Algodones also makes this experience worthwhile. You can make an appointment online or by phone to a U.S. area code, which costs a small deposit of 5 to 15 dollars (refundable if you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment).

Los Algodones is easy to visit, just two exits from Yuma. Parking is available in a secure parking lot on the U.S. side of the border. Almost all dentists can be reached within a 10 minute walk from the border. Their offices are also easy to find with the directions you receive when you confirm your appointment.

You can get all the help you need in finding a Mexican dentist through MexAdvantage. This organization has its own website and an office in Yuma. Folks there will even make the appointment for you. All dentists represented on the MexAdvantage site believe in continuing education and stay current with changing dental techniques and technology.

This is as easy as it can possibly be. Furthermore, the main questions that you might have about getting dental treatment in Los Algodones are answered for you on the FAQ page at the MexAdvantage website.

Cost Examples

Let's say that you require dental work that has already been estimated to cost about 3,000 dollars by a U.S. dentist. If you are close enough to drive to Yuma, then you can save about 75 percent of this cost, which means you pay closer to 750 dollars. The expenses of driving a car, even for 5 hours, would certainly make this trip worthwhile.

Depending on airfare from your location, this might still give you the opportunity to save a huge amount of money. Even a 1,000 dollar plane ticket, and a couple of hundred dollars for staying in a nice hotel in Yuma for one or two nights, still make a visit to Los Algodones worthwhile.

You can see that this scenario get better as the U.S. cost estimate of your dental care goes up. Treatment that runs more than 10,000 dollars, which is not unusual for cosmetic work, makes choosing a visit to Mexico a no-brainer.

Likewise, unless you live very close to Yuma, the savings for routine dental care such as cleanings and small fillings, would not be enough to make a trip to Mexico worthwhile.

All in all, this is just some good food for thought. Tens of thousands of Americans have already benefited from visiting dentists in Los Algodones. You might benefit also. At least it would be wise to check it out by seeing what you can learn at the MexAdvantage website, and maybe even giving them a call to get your questions answered. They are more than willing to do so.

International Contact and Travel Advice

Everything that you must know about getting a dental appointment in Los Algodones and traveling to Mexico is available at That is the MexAdvantage website address. That is not a live link, so you will have to type it or copy and paste it into your browser yourself.


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