Memory Foam & Pregnancy

Published: 28th October 2009
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Many pregnant women find it difficult to get comfortable while pregnant. This becomes even more difficult when they get further into their pregnancy and the baby become larger and places more stress and pressure upon their bodies. This can affect many aspects of their lives including their sleep. Memory foam mattresses have been touted as an ideal mattress for many people experiencing pain. Many do not realize that the same properties that ease symptoms of medical conditions can also help provide pregnant women with a more restful night of sleep. After all, this can be a very tiring time for a woman.

The unique construction of the memory foam mattress allows it to cradle one's body. The memory foam from which the mattress is made conforms and cradles the body. Unlike coil spring mattress, memory foam does not push back on the body, eliminating the formation of pressure points. This provides terrific support for the body of a woman during pregnancy.

Some women experience pain in their hips when side sleeping during the later parts of pregnancy. This does not occur when they choose a memory foam mattress. Instead, the mattress cradles and supports their entire body, alleviating pressure on the hips. Many women report that after only a few nights sleeping on the memory foam mattress, their hip pain diminishes if not disappears. The same holds true for back pain experienced during pregnancy. The memory foam is able to adjust to the body when its temperature changes. The memory foam becomes softer as one's temperature increases. This makes it an ideal choice for pregnancy.

Some memory foam mattress dealers offer a trial period to let people test out the memory foam mattress. They are that sure that once you sleep on a memory foam mattress you won't even want your old coil spring mattress back. If you don't want to purchase an entire memory foam mattress, there are some other options available. Many memory foam mattress dealers also offer memory foam mattress toppers for sale. While this is not as ideal as the memory foam mattress itself, some benefits can be realized.
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