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Published: 19th October 2009
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Mecca Bingo is an icon in the bingo industry. For households in the United Kingdom the word, Mecca, has become synonymous with bingo. Mecca Bingo operates brick and mortar bingo halls scattered throughout the UK. Additionally, they offer customers online bingo halls in order to enjoy their favourite game as well as many other options. Their website also provides a helpful tool to locate a bingo hall near you, if you would like to enjoy a land based game of bingo.

Their site also provides information regarding new bingo halls. The most recently one opened is the Mecca Beeston located in Nottinghamshire. The Mecca Bingo website provides information regarding this new club. This information includes the bingo game schedule. There are afternoon and evening sessions available seven days a week. The specific times are listed on the Mecca website. Pricing information for bingo packages is another useful piece of information one can find here.

The Mecca Beeston comes with a wide area of amenities to make their customers' bingo experience the best it can possible be. A large parking lot was built that can hold up to 172 cars. A bar and café are available from which to purchase refreshments. Cash machines are provided at this club for players' use. Games of electronic bingo can also be played at Mecca Beeston. The club has made considerations for players that may have disabilities. Disabled facilities are provided as well as numerous handicapped parking spaces in the large parking lot.

When you enter the new exciting Mecca Beeston, you will find that the club has two main areas for you to go. One is the auditorium. Here you may enjoy playing traditional bingo. The auditorium maintains the appropriate atmosphere conducive to playing bingo. No worries about the room being too loud and you not hearing your bingo numbers being called. The second area you may opt for at the Mecca Beeston is the social lounge. Here is the place to go if you want to socialize with friends. This room allows you to fully enjoy your friends and the exciting games housed in this area. No worries about making too much noise. So, next time you want to play a game of bingo, check out Mecca Bingo, your source for both online and land-based bingo games.
Mecca Bingo has been very successful both in traditional bingo halls and online bingo games. Mecca Bingo offers regular promotions to attract new bingo players.

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