Mallorca Tops For Germans In 2007

Published: 04th October 2007
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It comes as no surprise that the German language is spoken in tourist spots where Germans on holiday tend to unite on the Spanish island of Majorca. It's also not unusual to find German food in Majorcan restaurants to accommodate the three million German tourists that visit Majorca on holiday every year.

Majorca is a popular holiday destination for Germans.
With food that reminds them of home, a relaxed atmosphere, a warm climate, and cheap charters and flights to Majorca, Germans commonly take their holidays there.

Germany's leading tour operator, TUI, AG, reported a 13% increase in Germans taking their holidays in Majorca and Turkey. Majorca is the most popular holiday destination for Germans travelers, who booked 5% more holidays in Majorca this year alone.

Attractions That Bring Visitors to Majorca
While it's true that Majorca is a short, inexpensive trip for Germans to enjoy their holidays, Majorca holidays have much to offer travelers. There is so much to do in Majorca, including:
* Museums
* Theme parks
* Bellver Castle
* Gothic cathedral
* Cave tours
* Wildlife preserve
* Scenic drives
* Golf courses
* Hiking trails
* Train to Soller (through the mountains)
* Resorts with full catering service
* Restaurants and bars

More than anything, Majorca is a place of relaxation and fun. Visitors often return to the island holiday after holiday to experience the varied culture and picturesque scenery.

Majorca Resorts
One of the things that attract Germans to spending their holidays in Majorca is the natural beauty of the island and the serenity of staying in a resort and living it up. Since tourism is a huge part of the Majorcan culture and economic status, there are many choices of resorts to stay at.

* The Palmanova Hotel is a popular Majorcan resort that is simple yet alluring. The resort sits facing shoreline, but it is also close enough to the city to be able enjoy other activities on the island.
* The Fiesta Magamar Apartments are a popular choice with the younger crowd of Germans on holiday in Majorca. The nightlife is abundant in Magaluf.
* The Hotel Condes De Alcudia is just minutes from the port in Alcudia, with fantastic views from the upper levels.
* Cala Millor is another popular Majorcan resort. It is nestled on the east side of the island and is frequently visited by Germans on holiday.

Getting There: From Germany to Majorca
Getting from Germany to Majorca is relatively inexpensive. In addition to private charters that take German travelers to Majorca, low-cost scheduled flights fly direct from Germany to Majorca.

Ferries are another popular method of holiday travelers coming from Germany to Majorca. Taking a ferry is a relatively inexpensive way to travel and provides more opportunities for sightseeing along the way.

Germans in Majorca
The German interest in Majorca goes beyond holiday travel though. According to an article in Expatica, ('Trouble in Paradise, July 2004) 'Germans already own about 60 percent of the island's holiday homes with about 100,000 living permanently on the island.'

With a heavy population of Germans and Brits, Majorcans are outnumbered on their own island. Majorca is a favorite holiday destination for both the British and the Germans.
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