Lord, I'm Ready to be a Wife

Published: 04th August 2009
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Most people don't believe in "'till death do us part," anymore.

Christine Pembleton believes she knows the secret to making your marriage last. In her book, Lord, I'm Ready to be a Wife (www.christinepembleton.com) (Josephine Communications); she shares her views of how to become a good Christian wife and the importance of finding the right man to marry.

There are 3 types of unmarried women, according to Pembleton. The single woman who is living her life for herself, the "married" unmarried woman who gives her boyfriends all the benefits of marriage without the commitment, and the "wife-in-waiting" who is ready to be a wife, but waiting until the actual marriage to act like one.

The single, unmarried woman lives her life the way she wants to. Any man she meets must fit himself into her life.

"This mindset preserves her life as a single woman and it works to keep her life where it should be - a life that fulfills her God-given destiny," she said.

The unmarried "married" woman acts as though she is married, but without the commitment. She washes his clothes, cooks his meals and may even engage in pre-marital sex because she loves him and wants to give him everything he "needs."

"She bases her life choices on what's important to him and his goals," she said.

The "wife-in-waiting" has a life of her own, but is flexible enough to meet her future husband partway in order to build a life together. She is willing to make huge adjustments in her life, but only for the benefit of a marriage license. It is the "wife-in-waiting" that a woman looking for a good Christian marriage should strive to be.

"A wife-in-waiting may wait a little longer for her husband and be frustrated with how

many men will try to challenge her standards," she said. "But when she meets a man who wants to be a husband to her, she'll have the best chance of having a happy marriage. And enjoying being a wife to one man, the man she'll prayerfully share the rest of her life with."

Pembleton believes that it is not enough to have the right mind-set to have a happy marriage; you must also make sure you choose a man who is ready to do the work of being a husband. It is important to identify the qualities we are looking for in a husband, not just discount men because of the negative aspects we find in them.

"Being able to identify the Godly character in a man is your strongest tool for recognizing the man the Lord has sent you," she said.

It is important, according to Pembleton, to trust in the Lord that he will bring the right person into your life. It is then up to you to recognize him.

"You have to trust that God will bring you the man who will love you and add value to your life," she said. "Every choice you make should be weighed by God's standards."

Things to look for in a good husband:

• He is willing to rise to the occasion of being a husband to you.

• He shares a common destiny with you.

• He's interested in you

• He's a man you can respect

Once you have found the right man and become a wife, it is time to change from being "a wife" to being "his wife". This means tailoring your thoughts to what your husband truly needs.

"It will take some time, but since marriage is a life-long commitment, you'll have more than enough time to learn about your husband and how you can help him best," she said.


Christine Pembleton is a wife, mother, teacher, author and talk show host. She has a degree in Business Administration from Temple University and is pursuing an MBA in Business Management. She is a licensed Elder from Temple Elim Prophetic Truth Ministries. She desires to empower women to create happy marriages. She lives in Philadelphia, PA with her husband and two daughters.

Visit www.christinepembleton.com for more information.

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