Large Advertising Agencies Vs Small Agencies

Published: 19th October 2009
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The one thing that a lot of advertising agencies claim is that they can cater for the needs of both large and small companies but when it comes down to it this might be stretching the truth slightly. What an advertising agency can realistically provide you with depends on a number of factors, which includes the size of the advertising agency and the size of the company that work needs to be carried out for. On top of this it depends on aspects such as budget and how long the advertising campaign needs to be running for. It is based on these factors as to whether you have your promotion and marketing performed by a large or small advertising agency.

There is a lot of debate around as to which is better a large or small agency but in all fairness neither of these can truly top the charts as what each of these has to offer differs. However it is automatically believed that a large advertising agency is always going to be better just because it is bigger. This isn't the case and the best way, as well as the only way, you can really judge which is better out of a large or small advertising agency is by looking at them in regards to your own business.

Lets start by first looking into small advertising agencies, these can, like large agencies, perform work on any size company however they are most suited to smaller businesses. The reason that I say this is because small companies will be able to afford them and the agency will have no trouble carrying out the work as it will be on a smaller scale, a large company however would need a long running advertising campaign on a much larger scale, something that a smaller agency may not have the resources to commit to, meaning the company may not gain all of the promotion and marketing that they are hoping for. So does this mean that large companies should stick to large agencies and small companies should stick to small agencies?

To put it simply yes, however there are a few exceptions to this, for example a small company could approach a large agency to produce a little bit of their overall advertising campaign or a bigger business could go to a smaller firm as a way of getting their advertising done inexpensively. However other than situations like this the above statement pretty much rings true.

There are a lot of large advertising agencies available to us but one of the most notable is Ogilvy, which was founded in 1948 and started with no clients and simply two members of staff. Today it has more than 450 plus offices in 169 cities and stands as one of the eight largest advertising networks in the world. Agencies such as this one hold the same concept as other leading ones, which is that smaller companies simply wouldn't be able to afford an hour's consultancy with them, let alone have an ad campaign run by them. It is agencies such as this that target and help the big players, for example some of Ogilvy's previous clients have included corporations such as Ford, Comfort and Nestle.

All companies want the best for their brand but where large companies are concerned they can afford the best advertising agencies to provide them with an advertising campaign that will get them remembered. It is clear that an advertising agency such as Ogilvy would only be interested in bigger brand companies who they hold respect for, in all fairness working for a lesser known company would do nothing for them. It is through aspects such as this that the evidence clearly stacks up; small agencies = small companies and large agencies = large companies.


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