Kidnap victim safe - narrow escape from car trunk!

Published: 26th March 2009
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Amsterdam, NL - A 23-year old woman is safe today. Police say she was kidnapped in front of her hotel. During the lunch break, the woman who was attending a meteorological conference went outside to make a phone call. Two masked men attacked her in the alley next to the hotel in broad daylight. They forced her into the trunk of a car, removed her cell phone and pushed a cloth drenched with chloroform into her face.
The woman, who was a Danish delegate at the conference, cannot remember how long she was passed out. All she could think of when regaining consciousness was an article she had read months ago. It was about carjacking and self defense training.
In her statement, she said to the police that when she awoke the car was moving. Despite being scared, she tried to remain calm and breathe normally. She removed the panel covering the tail light closest to her upper body. In the faint light she noticed a screw driver in the corner of the trunk. She used it to smash the tail light.
The alert kidnap victim stuck her hand through the opening, hoping that it would attract attention. It did not. Then she remembered the lanyard and name tag she was wearing. Holding the end of the material tied, she once again stuck her hand out the broken tail light, letting the red fabric with name tag flap freely in the wind.
A retired pilot walking his dog noticed the movement. He wrote down the car's license plate and quickly notified the police. A short while later the police was able to locate the vehicle and pull it over. Two men were arrested and charged with kidnapping. It was not their first offence. The police did not reveal what the two were planning to do next. Thanks to her composed, rational behavior, her lanyard, and the watchful eye of a retiree, the young woman didn't have to find out.

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