How Well Do You Know Amway Global? The Global Leader In Network Marketing.

Published: 17th May 2010
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In this industry of debt, lack of education and misunderstanding Amway always been the leader in network marketing. The Amway leadership and opportunity is among the best for more than 50 years.

This industry often misunderstood by outside world has always provided the financial stability for millions of more than Microsoft and Wal Mart combine. Today you will learn some facts about Amway and network marketing in general and how other companies in this business use their marketing system, leadership development to build successful mlm businesses.

Amway is in the direct sales business and it is a field that is opened to all who have the desire to start their own businesses with no or little experience or little capital investment. Unlike traditional business like franchise where you have to hundreds and thousands of dollars not including over heads, you can be in business with minimum investment with network marketing.

With the Amway opportunity, you have best leadership and support you can find anywhere in the world. People know who that their success is base on help you to succeed. The flexibility of working from the comfort of your own home and your own hours cannot be compared. The possibilities are unlimited.

Amway's history- the leading edge of direct selling is Amway coporation. Founded in 1959, Amway was launched by business partners Jay Van Andel and Rich DeVos from an office and ware house in the basement of their homes in Ada, Michigan. Growing rapidly, the two friends soon took the young company and consolidated its operation at a near by facility and began producing Amway products.

Global distribution- Amway today is located in more than 100 countries providing business opportunity for all. First country outside was Canada in 1962. Since 1983, Amway and its IBOS has donated more $ 23 million for the national Easter Seal Society. Amway also partner with the Junior Achievement Awards Scholarship, and other charities programs.

IBOS advantages and benefits:

* Platinum- one time bonus $2,500 and a monthly platinum plus or platinum elite Q12 award of $7,500 to $20,000

* Saphire- one time bonus $5000 to $7500 annual bonus award $7500 to $20,000

* Emerald- one time bonus $15000 to $25000 and annual bonus $ 7500 to $20000

* Diamond- one time bonus $100,000 to 200000 and annual bonus $7500 to $20000

* These are just few of what Amway has to offer it's IBOS and much more such as the annual trips all paid for by the corporation.

Five ways to connect with customers:

1. Make a big splash- new IBOS jump in! Use new grand opening sales tools for parties that introduce your business to your personal network.

2. Show and tell- on tv, laptop, or iphone, show new win videos to introduce the Amway global products that customers can't buy anywhere else.

3. Your free website- whether you had a retail website since 1999 or you are new to the internet, it's the perfect time to take advantage of your online presence.

4. Ditto that!- month after, customers ditto orders arrive with free shipping and on schedule- before the last one is used up. You can call it automatic replenishment.

5. Easy product returns- with new prepaid postage labels, products return are faster and easier. You and your customers can drop the package in the regular mail.

As you can see Amway global has a lot offer that no other mlm out there can give you. By the way they also have a ninety day return policy too.

I hope this article will help you to understand the Amway global opportunity and how it can help you and your family to create financial freedom. You can now go out there and do your own research about what Amway is all about and void the rumors you hear around town. There are so many misconceptions and misunderstanding in our industry that so many are afraid to take the chance. Stop listening to who don't know the business work and listen to people who know how.


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