How to Tell Your Partner that You Have HIV

Published: 20th June 2008
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One of the most difficult experiences in a person's life is finding out that he or she is infected with HIV. On top of finding out about your own health situation, you additionally find yourself facing the prospect of having to tell your partner that you are suffering from the disease.

Through this article you are provided with some advice as to how you can best go about telling your partner that you have been diagnosed with HIV. Armed with this information you will be in the best position to appropriately tell your partner about your condition.

Perhaps the most important factor that you need to keep in mind is that you need to try to remain as calm as possible when you are sharing this information with your partner. Try not to become too emotional. There will be plenty of time to be emotional at a later time. When it comes to sharing the basic information that you have found out that you are infected with HIV with your partner in the first instance, you really need to focus on the facts.

The next factor to keep in mind when it comes to telling your partner that you have been diagnosed with HIV is to set aside specific time to share this information. You do not want to share this vital information with your partner when you do not have enough time to discuss and listen.

You need to be prepared for your partner to display any number of different emotions when it comes to your telling your partner that you have been diagnosed with HIV. Your partner may display emotions that range from support and concern for you, to anger, to fear, to sadness. Again, you need to prepare and brace yourself for any of the wide range of emotions that your partner might exhibit when you share this news with him or her.

Finally, in the process of sharing the news that you have been diagnosed with HIV, you also need to brooch the subject of safe sex. This needs to include the importance of condoms in your future encounters. Condoms will end up being the best line of defense that you will have to ensure that your partner does not become infected with AIDS.

In addition to discussing condoms generally and the use of condoms specifically, you also need to discuss with your partner the importance of your partner obtaining his or her own HIV test. In addition to using condoms into the future, you also will want to discuss the fact that your partner will want to obtain his or her own HIV tests regularly in the future as well. Most experts suggest that a person involved in an intimate relationship with a person diagnosed with HIV or AIDS will want to obtain recurring HIV tests about every six months. Condoms and regular testing are crucial to ensuring that your partner stays healthy into the future.

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