How to safely clean Kennels and Veterinarian Offices

Published: 30th October 2009
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How to safely clean Kennels and Veterinarian Offices

In the society we live in our pets become an important part of our lives...they even become a member of our family. We are very concerned about their health, their living conditions, the food they eat and their personal comfort. If you own or operate a kennel or if you are a Veterinarian you are acutely aware of how your customers feel about their pets. When your customers leave their pet in your care they want them returned in good health, clean and free of fleas and parasites. After all, this is a member of the family.

As a Veterinarian or owner/operator of a kennel you understand how difficult it is to keep a clean, healthy environment at your place of business. You may have a cleaning routine that includes thoroughly cleaning you office or kennel with soap and water followed by disinfecting with chemical based cleaners. The problem with that routine is that soap and water alone does not clean and disinfect. While chemical based cleaners do disinfect most areas they come in contact with they do not always get into all the areas where germs and fleas hide. Carpeting and the cracks and crevices throughout your kennel or office are hiding places for germs and fleas that most often are missed by chemical based cleaner.

In addition, chemical based cleaners leave a residue on everything they come into contact with. The chemical residue can agitate the allergies of the people that work in or visit your place of business. More important, the chemical residue can be very harmful to the pets that come into your kennel or office. You may not see the effects of the chemical residue immediately, however, over time it will have a negative effect on our pets.

Is there a better way to clean your office or kennel? Try a vapor steam cleaner rather than using your old cleaning methods that include chemical based cleaners. Vapor steam cleaners are "pet friendly" as well as environmentally friendly. They clean more thoroughly in less time and with much less effort. Vapor steam cleaners also sanitize as they clean, killing fleas and their eggs, germs, bacteria, mold and mildew.

Vapor steam cleaners use nothing but water to clean and they are capable of cleaning almost any surface in your kennel or office. They even disinfect and sanitize carpeting, mattresses and upholstered furniture. A vapor steam cleaner creates a low moisture vapor that carries heat to the surface to be cleaned. The heat along with mild scrubbing cleans and disinfects the surface for you. Cleaning with a vapor steam cleaner eliminates chemical residues while sanitizing the surface you are cleaning. Because vapor steam cleaners use only small amounts of water to clean they are virtually free of mess as well as quiet and portable.

Vapor steam cleaners are hard on germs but gentle on the environment.

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The author has worked with vapor steam cleaners for more than 10 years and has experienced the positive effects that cleaning and sanitizing your home or place of business with a vapor steam cleaner. More information about the numerous benefits of vapor steam cleaners can be found at

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