How To Deal With An Injury At Work

Published: 15th July 2008
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Accidents happen. When they happen in the workplace, it's important that you follow through and take the proper steps. Unfortunately, most employees aren't prepared when an injury occurs. It's natural to assume that such injuries would never happen to us. When they do, taking the right steps at the right time can be confusing and feel overwhelming. In this article, you'll discover the steps you need to take in order to deal with an injury at work.

Report The Injury Quickly

First, report your injury to your employer. Your accident needs to be documented in your employer's accident book. Provide as many details as you're able including the date of the accident, who was injured and any circumstances that led to the accident. Don't wait too long to report the event. If the injuries you sustained become worse, there needs to be a record of the event in the accident book to make a claim.

Take Notes Of The Events

Because most accidents happen quickly, it's easy to either confuse or forget many of the important details. Think back on what led to the accident and your injury. Write down notes. Otherwise, you'll likely forget over time. In the event you're questioned about the accident while making a claim, you can simply refer to your notes for an accurate record.

Talk To Witnesses

If anyone observed you while you were injured, speak with that person about the event. Take the details they offer about how things transpired that eventually led to your injury. If nobody witnessed your accident, speak with people who may be familiar with a component (i.e. process, system, machinery, etc.) that may have been a contributing factor.

Visit Your Doctor

Make sure you have your doctor examine your injury. First, this ensures that you'll receive the medical care you need to recover from your injury properly. Second, it further establishes a record of the event, including the steps taken by the doctor to help you recover.

Make The Claim

Once you've reported your injury to your employer, taken notes of the accident and the events leading up to it, spoken with witnesses and visited your doctor, make your claim. You may be due compensation for days missed from work, pain and suffering associated with your injury and the cost of surgical procedures or medications. Once your claim has been approved, your employer's insurance company will distribute any compensation due to you.

Being injured in the workplace can be a frightening experience. It can lead to lost earnings, medical bills and other expenses. If you become injured while doing your job, follow the steps that we've detailed above. It's the quickest way to receive compensation for any accident in which you're involved.

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