How to Build an Amazing Graphic Design Studio

Published: 29th June 2010
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Setting up a small graphic design studio is one of the greatest joys of any graphic design artist who wants to excel at the profession. A studio is an easy and natural outgrowth from working as a freelance design. You can establish your own graphics studio with minimal requirements.

1) Setting up your graphic design studio.

What are the minimal requirements? They are quite minimal -- you need a computer, copy machine, telephone, fax, flat files, desk, and ergonomic chair. These are all you really need to setup your office. Of course, you will also need the talent, drive and experience.

2) Finding the right title for your business.

To transform your design business into a professional one, you will need to come up with a title. You can brainstorm several different angles. You can choose a proper name, such as your own name, or a combination of your name and your partner's name. You can choose a clever and quirky name that will clamor for attention. You can also choose a corporate-sounding name that can give an immediate impression of professionalism. Or you can choose an enigmatic name, the kind that leaves people wondering what the genesis of the name is. Whatever you decide, try to make the name easy to spell, short and memorable.

3) Are you ready to set up?

Creating your own graphic design studio can seem like a natural outgrowth from your skills, and this is the line of thinking that leads many individuals to consider establishing their own self-employment. If you are doing well in this field, you may feel eager to expand and hire a staff. But consider how you will deal with these transitions between freelance work and steady studio work. Are you financially solvent enough to make the leap? Are you professionally prepared to take on new design projects? Are you prepared to make the leap between working from home and having your own business where just about anyone can drop in and make significant demands on your time?

4) How can you go about finding those all-important first clients?

One of the biggest hurdles of starting is building your client base. Here are some ways to generate those important first gigs. First, you should mine your existing clients for work. You can also tap into a vast amount of referrals. Remember, you receive many of your graphic design projects through word of mouth. Most of your potential clients will probably lack a budget for design work; therefore, you will need these potential clients to be referred to you. Make sure you have a strong web presence so potential clients can find you easily. Always do the best work possible so that current clients are willing and ready to recommend you.

5) Learn to advertise.

Putting together a promotional kit is one of the most important marketing strategies you can do. A promotional kit and your advertisements should feature samples of your past work. This should be your first line of attack to make contact with potential and future clients. You can send regular mailings to existing clients to make sure they remember you for their next project. You should also strive to enter as many annual design competitions to stay in the public's eye.

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