How much do good advertising agencies charge

Published: 03rd February 2010
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Good advertising agencies, are a very viable tool for those seeking to advertise their services to as many people as possible. A good advertising agency can assist a business or other organization in reaching many more potential customers or clients, than they would be able to reach without the expert services of a highly proficient advertising agency. Agencies of this kind, can mean the difference between success and failure for businesses of many kinds, and this is especially true for fledgling businesses that are just entering the market. It is a statistical fact, that the success and prosperity of many of the world's leading companies are the result of good advertising, and without a well developed advertising and marketing campaign, companies would more than likely not enjoy the success that they had experienced over the years. It would be in the interest of any business organization that is seeking to prosper, to seek and retain the services of a highly proficient advertising agency, that has a track record of successfully meeting the needs of their clients.

A highly proficient Advertising Agency, uses a efficient formula in calculating the advertisement costs potential clients. The formula used by these agencies, is the cost per 1000 potential customers. These agencies will be responsible for negotiating contracts with media sources such as television, radio stations, magazines, and newspapers. The prices that most of these organizations would charge, will be based on their average customer base. A very good agency will negotiate the best price possible for its client, which can in turn reduce the price that the agency will charge the client for its services. One form of media advertisement, such as television, will reach many more people than most other forms of media advertisement, which will make television advertisement costs much more than newspaper advertisement costs. If a form of media advertisement costs $1000, and reaches a potential 40,000 customers, then the cost per 1000 potential customers is $25.

Good advertising agencies charge their clients based on the expenses for the advertisement, as well as the costs of their services in the facilitation of the advertising. If the costs of media advertisement is $1000, then the client will be charged the cost of the advertisement, plus the agency service fees, which will average to about one third of the advertisement cost. In this case, advertisement and agency costs will total to approximately $1333.33.
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