How ArcticVent Prevents North Pole Plumbing Vents from Freezing

Published: 29th May 2009
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A number of years ago a construction manager contacted Heat-Line Freeze Protection Systems and asked if they could find a solution for freezing plumbing vents (the small pipes that project from a roof to expel waste and sewer gases from your drain waste system) in the Arctic. This request lead to the development of the ArcticVent. Since that time, the ArcticVent has been getting specified for projects and renovations throughout the Arctic and recently Heat-Line has announced their most northern installation of the product.

A number of ArcticVent units have recently been ordered to be installed on the top of the globe at the Eureka Nunavut Weather Station. The closest weather station to the north pole, Eureka, is located on Ellesmere Island where winter temperatures of -55° F (-48° C) are not uncommon and where average January temperatures are -30° F (-34° C).

Heat-Line's products are becoming widely used in the circumpolar regions of the world but this is the closest application to the pole that they know of. The products can withstand the brutal natural environment of the Arctic because that is exactly what they are invented, engineered and designed for. Additionally, there are at least 6 new products on the horizon including freeze-protected, flexible, high pressure hoses and others that are still under secrecy protocol. These products will help us solve the age old problems associated with sub zero temperatures and freezing throughout the world

About Heat-Line Freeze Protection Systems:

Heat-Line is a Canadian company that develops and manufactures advanced water pipe freeze protection systems using self-regulating technology. Heat-Line has freeze protect products for all commercial and residential applications including energy efficient internal and external water line systems to eliminate water line and pipe freezing. Further details on ArcticVent and other innovative Heat-Line products may be found on the Heat-Line website or call 1-800 584-4944


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