Helping your Paralyzed Dog to Be Mobile

Published: 13th August 2010
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If people can sit for quite long and still feel much more comfortable, this is not the case for dogs. Dogs are naturally mobile creatures, unlike human beings who can still have fun by just watching TV or using the computer, and they love to roam around and explore as their way of enjoying life. This is the reason why when your dog gets sick and worse is now immobilized, its sadness over its condition is clearly manifested. A paralyzed dog is same as a dead one. It can't wander around the place and hence can't follow the direction of anything that reaches his sense of smell. It can't run around and play with you like it used to. In more ways than one, it ceases to live as a dog.

As an animal lover, you simply can't take it to see your paralyzed dog unhappy. If there is no clear solution to the causes of your dog's paralysis or disability, you can at least lessen its difficulty by providing him a means to move around. You can do so by attaching a dog wheelchair to your pet. This contraption will enable your dog to roam around the place and be as naturally playful as any pet. This could also encourage your dog to exercise its bones and muscles, which is necessary for the rehabilitation of the paralyzed parts and the maintenance of its healthy body parts.

However, you shouldn't be expecting him to right away like his dog wheelchair and use it to run around the house right then and there. In fact, it may still find it uncomfortable at first. For a short period of time, you may have to act as a coach to your dog, encouraging it to walk around your place and try its new contraption. It will come as a surprise for you to see how your dog responds to your effortless coaching. After all all that is needed is only a bit of motivation and your canine friend will immediately do what it wanted to do always which is to roam around the house and the yard to enjoy and guard your property too.

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