Hardwired FM Modulator

Published: 17th March 2008
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As the name suggests a hardwired FM Modulator is similar to an FM Modulator, but it is not wireless, it is directly connects between an XM Radio receiver and your cars antenna, which also can be connected to an XM Radio antenna. The device is usually installed for XM Radio receivers that are installed permanently in your car. Hardwired FM modulator offers three main advantages. Firstly it is powered by the car's battery. Secondly it offers better reception than a wireless unit because it is connected with a cable and lastly the permanent installation makes your receiver in your car look much cleaner and professional.

Another product named aftermarket hardwired adapters give a person the ability to control their XM Radio through their existing car's aftermarket radio. This device includes everything that is necessary such as the receiving component and chipset to receive XM Radio all that is necessary is a compatible XM Radio car receiver and antenna. These adapters usually vary by different car stereo manufacturers, but are usually installed behind your dash board and powered by your car's battery. One still has the privilege to control all the functions of XM Radio through cars stereo and also you will still have full use of your car's stereo. The aftermarket hardwired adapters are perfect for a clean and professional looking installation. With great sound and features along with affordable costing from one hundred to two hundred dollars depending on model. But you must take this in your consideration that you first need an aftermarket XM Radio compatible car receiver for the adapter to work.

One more device named XM Compatible Stock Radio is available for the ultimate ease to function as an XM radio. Purchasers of a new car should know that certain car manufacturers offer XM Radio as a premium feature with your car's sound system. If this type of system is installed there is absolutely nothing that needs to be installed, everything is already installed for you meeting the highest quality standards; you just need to subscribe to the XM Radio service. A device named cassette adapter frequency modulator is available in the market.

It is an extremely easy way to connect your portable XM radio or XM Radio receiver to a car's stereo. This particular method is can be used in those cars which already have a cassette player installed in them. You can simply plug the cassette adapter plugs into the headphone jack or audio output of your XM radio or receiver and then on the other end, the wired cassette is inserted into your car's cassette player. The radio in car reads audio signals that are sent from the XM radio or receiver through the cassette player instantly giving you XM Radio.


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