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Published: 25th February 2008
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These days you can own a log cabin with modern conveniences for a fraction of the price of what a normal house would cost. These aren't the type of cabins that you picture from old films, manufacturers are producing state of the art cabins that can be used for a holiday home or to be lived in.
There are many things you should consider before purchasing a cabin as manufacturers make many different types and with different things included. Is your cabin going to be a summer home or a weekend getaway. You can buy cabins pre-made or if you are feeling adventurous you can purchase kits to assemble yourself. These kits comprise of everything you will need, from the wood, doors windows and more.
Depending on your skills and how many people you have helping you, cabins can take between a few days and a week to assemble if things go to plan. But if you are worried you can always hire a professional to assemble it for you.

Before choosing a package you should do plenty of research in industry specific books and magazines.
Using a factory built package make cabin home building a faster and more economical choice for home buyers and builders because a designer and architect has already designed and chosen the pieces to the home puzzle. If you choose a kit, you'll find that some come partially assembled to make it easier for the builder to complete construction.
Across the country hundreds of people have discovered log cabin kits to be a very cost-effective way of acquiring the home of their dreams. With the wide range of sizes and styles you're sure to find something suitable for your needs.
On the other side of log cabins you purchase a pre-built cabin on a site like a caravan park. Buying a log cabin, can be a huge investment and can cost between '500 and '10,000. If you are planning to build a log cabin you need to worry about things like planning permission, but if you are buying a pre-made cabin you won't have to worry about things like that, but there are still things you need to look out for while choosing which one to buy.
Deciding which log cabin to buy may seem an easy task but once you begin to scratch the surface of retails out there you will see there is more choice than you imagined. My best advise is to choose the approximate size and style first, then find a log cabin that fits up to this or you will be so swamped with options you may end up making the wrong decision. Here are a few factors to consider when buying a cabin.
You will often here this word used in log cabin descriptions. It refers to the thickness of the wood in the cabins outer walls and is often measured in millimetres. There are not really any 'standards' when it comes to cladding but obviously you will benefit from better insulation, security, durability and a studier build depending on how thick your cladding is. If you live in an area with particularly high winds or rain then a heavier log cabin may be worth the additional expense.
You should always carefully consider size before a purchase. Don't buy something bigger for the sake of it, look at the space you have in your garden and the space you desire and try to find a log cabin of a similar size instead of at least that size. Remember if the cabin includes a veranda to get measurements includes and excluding it to better help you prepare for how much internal room you will have.
Roofing Material & Treating.
Maintenance and weatherproofing are one of the most importation issues with log cabins after and during their construction. Even if the cabin is supplied with a base coat you should always apply your own to strengthen it.
Accessories & Add-ons
Under Floor Heating is essential if you want to make your log cabin a fully inhabitable location, especially in winter. It is a fantastic accessory that some manufactures will actively endorse to heat the floor from underneath, providing a warm, comforting atmosphere without being a fire hazard.
Verandas are a great addition to a log cabin and look fantastic in most gardens. While they can take up additional room you will appreciate the benefit on those long summer evenings, relaxing with some drinks in the sun.
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