GHD Hair Straighteners

Published: 08th January 2010
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In today's world of hair design, GHD hair straighteners are perhaps the most coveted brand of hair straighteners. While there are many brands and models out there, none of them have the high reputation that GHD models do. Celebrities such as Kate Moss, Sienna Miller and Jade Jagger use this brand of straighteners.

GHD hair straighteners contain a lot of sleek and innovative technology that bring them up about the rest. Containing Mark IV technology, GHD hair straighteners have digital temperature control. This helps the units to maintain their heat consistently. Another plus is the GHD hair straighteners ability to adjust to different voltages. This makes these hair straighteners a terrific model for international travel. A safety feature with an automatic shut-off switch is also found in the GHD hair straighteners. After the unit is not used for thirty minutes, it automatically shuts off for safety reasons. Another potential danger to the unit is condensation. This would form when the room temperature falls quite low. The GHD hair straighteners have a sensor detecting this temperature. The unit is automatically switched off to protect it from the damaging condensation.

GHD provides its customers with a plethora of information at the time of sale and for the duration of their ownership. Most new purchases come with literature such as booklets or even DVDS. These illustrate how GHD hair straighteners can be used to create various straight or even curly styles. Their website has even more information, even containing videos. This is especially helpful for those wanting to learn to style their own hair.

GHD hair straighteners feature ceramic plates which better conduct and even out the heat distribution. Recently, GHD also made it possible for the plates to be moveable. This makes these models even more versatile to create numerous hair styles. Today's models can be used not only to straighten but also to create curls and flicks. So, there are many reasons to purchase a HD hair straightener. GHD wishes all his customers a "Good Hair Day", after all, where do you think the letters of their name comes from?

I've used hair straighteners to style my hair since the age of 12 and I've found ghd straighteners to be the most effective to create poker-straight hair.

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