Fundraising Ideas for Fetes

Published: 13th August 2010
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Organising a Fete is a fantastic way to raise funds for your chosen charity or group. Fundraising at a fete can be as simple as standing at an entrance with a donation bucket to running an elaborate fair to benefit your cause. The sky really is the limit when it comes to running a successful fete.

Below are some top fundraising ideas for fetes:

Tombola - This classic fundraiser is a brilliant way to raise lots of money for your chosen cause. Tombola's are simple and easy to organise. The first step is to acquire prizes - it is a good idea to approach local businesses or supporters of your organisation to see if they will donate gifts. In return you could offer them free advertising at the fete. Once you have the prizes you can then set about selling tickets. You should start selling tickets in advance to ensure the tombola is a huge success.

You should price the tickets based on the event and the prizes available. You could also offer anyone buying more than one ticket a discount to encourage bulk purchases.

Coconut Shy's - Another great fundraiser which is great fun for the entire family. Coconut shy's require very little investment and can either be hired or homemade. All you need are coconuts, stands and balls. You can offer prizes to anyone who manages to knock over all the coconuts. One way you can increase profits is to approach local businesses to see if they will donate prizes in return for free advertisement. If you are providing the prizes yourself ensure that you charge enough per ticket to make a profit for your chosen charity.

Food & Drink - A lot of money can be raise by selling food and drink at your fundraising fete. The mark-up on items such as tea and coffee are astronomical, you may even be able to get local food stores to donate items increasing your profit margin.

Count the Candy - An easy addition to any fete which is easy to organise. Simply fill a jar up with sweets, people can then pay a small fee to guess how many there are. Guesses then can be recorded on a sheet and at the end of the fete; the person with the closes answer wins the jar! This fundraiser is simple and easy to do and can bring in that much needed cash for your charity.

Face Painting - This fundraising idea is a fun way to raise money at your fete. Enlist the help of any artistic friends to help paint faces and have a practice run before the big day. Ensure you have face paint, water for cleaning brushes, wet wipes, and examples of face painting so the kids can choose what they want. You can charge as little as 1 for simple designs or more for elaborate ones. You could also offer instant photos of the face painting to make even more money!


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