Fundraising Ideas for Car Boot Sales

Published: 13th August 2010
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Stuck for a fundraising idea? Then consider the world of car boot sales. They are a great way to raise lots money for charity and require little overheads. There are two main routes to raising money through car boot sales; you could either attend a car boot sale and flog your own goods or you could host your very own car booty - all in aid of charity!

Hosting and running a car boot sale - Hosting your own car boot sale is a rewarding task that can bring in lots of money for your chosen cause. The first step is to locate the perfect venue, without stating the obvious it must be easily assessable by car! Secondly, it should have easy transport links or be within walking distance. The site should be large enough to cover people turning up to buy at the car boot sale and those who have gone to sell. You should also check with the local police and governing authorities regarding permits and insurance. It will be your reasonability to ensure that the car booty is stewarded and cars and vans leaving the ground don't cause traffic or pedestrian obstructions.

The next step is publicity! You should advertise your charity car boot sale weeks before the actual event to drum up lots of interest. Speak with the local media to see if they will promote the event free of charge. Remember you need to advertise to vendors as well as the general public so you have a good ratio of sellers to buyers.

You can charge each vendor a set fee for selling their items at your charity car booty; you could also charge a small admissions fee for people coming to buy. It is also worth speaking to local catering businesses who may be interested in setting up a pitch on the site to sell food and drink. You could either charge them admission or take a percentage of their takings.

With plenty of pre-planning and organisation running a car boot sale is a great way to fundraise!

Pitching up at a car boot sale - Another way of raising money is to rent a pitch at a local car boot sale! One man's trash is another man's treasure - so ask around friends, family and work colleagues to see if they will donate unwanted items for the car boot sale. Turn up to the car booty early so that you can set up your stall; make sure the items are clearly priced and labelled. You should also group items together either by price or by category such as electronics, books etc. It also a great idea to advertise the fact that all proceeds will be going to charity - this will entice people to shop at your stand with the added benefit that you are spreading awareness of the charity or cause.


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