Ford Transit Minibus Review

Published: 11th November 2009
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Ford offers their 'minibus' in a 12, 15 and 17 seat version which follows their traditional size ranges, this gives their customers a good variety of choices. There are also various engine options available as well as front or rear wheel drive transmissions. Ford offers a whole host of optional extras plus they provide you with a good standard option model that includes power assisted steering, left hand sliding side door and step and even heated rear windows. There is a passenger assist grab handle and side and rear door step illumination as well as non slip passenger steps for easy entry. All Transit Minibuses have a 'Safeguard' passive anti-theft system immobilizer, high security locks and a visible Vehicle Identification Number. The interior design of the Transit Minibus is utilitarian, it is tough and durable, it is not a thing of beauty, it is a thing of use. This vehicle is built in this fashion as a response to the needs and desires of purchasers in this sector. The quality assures that the Transit Minibus is not likely to come apart at every seam with rough treatment or prolonged useage. Along with a petrol engine, there is also an option for a diesel powered enging in either a 2.0 or 2.4 litre turbo diesel version, there is also a choice of TDdi or TDCi engine technology. TDdi is basically a conventional turbocharged diesel engine while the TDCi engine is the more advanced common rail configuration. Ford's goal has been to drive down the cost of ownership while also improving fuel economy and reducing maintenance costs by extending the service intervals to every 15,000 miles.

The Ford Minibus has a good ventilation system that has easy to use controls. They are positioned high up in the dashboard allowing more room for the radio cassette player audio system and added storage for drinks, documents and mobile phones. The vehicle is easy to handle and pleasant to drive. The ABS braking system that comes standard in all models is responsive and the handling is somewhat nimble for the class of vehicle, made even better by the traction control on the more powerful 2.4 litre models. The ride is comfortable and the steering systems, responds reliably. This Minibus would place well amongst the best driving panel vans currently on the market. The exterior of this minibus isn't beautiful but it also isn't an eyesore by any means. It sports a sleek, sloped font end that is somewhat sporty looking but also adds to the aerodynamics of the vehicle. The high roofline means lots of headroom for people moving about in the cabin. The wheelbase of this vehicle is well set, balancing the vehicle well on the tires, this accounts for a goodly portion of the vehicles handling prowess for the class of vehicle it is. This vehicle isn't likely to turn heads or even catch an eye, unless you're waiting for a ride on it. It is for all intents and purposes a nicely designed utilitarian vehicle that offers quality, comfort and durability. What more could you ask for from a vehicle of this nature?


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