Football Religion

Published: 12th July 2009
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Football is like a religion in Spain because it is their beloved sport. Football is usually called "futbol" by Spanish people. Previously, the only essential thing the Spanish people did on Sundays was going to the church but now they watch the football game on Sunday nights. It has now become a very popular sport in Spain. Modern football was introduced to Spain in the late 1800s by a combination of British immigrant workers and visiting sailors and Spanish students returning from Britain.

In Spain, the football season runs from the mid of September till mid of May. Spanish football is being played in four professional leagues. The Spanish Football League was formed in the year 1929. Spanish La Liga is a professional football league of Spain. It is on the topmost level of the Spain football leagues. In Spain, the stadium is packed to full capacity on match days and there is a lot of excitement along with noise and confusion. Streets are filled with people and the sound of drums, trumpets and horns are heard everywhere. Thoroughfares are closed off by the police. There is continuous excitement right from the time the referee blows the whistle to start the game till he blows the final whistle to end the game. One gets a brief respite from noise only when the teams change ends at half time. The Real Madrid Football Club is one of the biggest clubs in the world today. It was voted by FIFA as the most successful club of the twentieth century.
The most unforgettable match for Real Madrid and its rival FC Barcelona was the one that took place in 1943 where Real Madrid defeated Barcelona 11-1 after having lost by 0-3 in the previous match. In terms of revenue, Real Madrid Football Club is the second richest in the world and the second most valuable club in the world to date. If one is an ardent lover of football, he should buy good quality football kits because it has a deep impact on the player's efficiency. The team's success depends largely on the quality of their football kits. With a good kit, one can enjoy playing the game of football and can experience victory.

In Spain, football is less expensive as far as the availability of football tickets is concerned. Real Madrid is considered to be the most successful football team in Europe.

Real Madrid is considered to be the most successful football team in Europe. Why not book yourself some Real Madrid tickets at and witness some of the best football in the world!

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