Famous people from the Isle of Wight

Published: 12th June 2009
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When planning to visit the Isle of Wight, it's important to plan for your trip so that you can see everything you want to see. Some of the areas that you might want to visit are history homes where famous people have lived. A lot of famous people were born on the Isle of Wight, many have lived there for a while, and others just visited or had holiday homes there. Among those who were on the Isle of Wight are:

• Thomas Clarke, Irish Republican

• Future Roman Emperor Vespasian

• Philosopher Robert Hooke

• Charles I of England

• Thomas Harrison

• Henry Sewll

• Alfred Tennyson

• David Icke

• Bear Grylls

• Dave Ellison

These weren't the only famous people to call the Isle of Wight home or a holiday spot at some point, as there were others a well. When vacationing there it's important to remember how much history the Isle has, since there have been so many people - both famous and not so famous - who have made their mark there in some way and are therefore remembered by those who come after them. It helps to add to the history of the place, too, since much of what takes place on the Isle of Wight has to do with the history that's been seen there. Walking on the Isle is very popular, as you take in nature and pass ruins of what used to be places to live and work.

These have been preserved in some cases, and they're available for tours. Museums are popular there, too, since so much of what took place in the past has been preserved in small sections and pieces that can be examined. The amount of history you can learn about during your time on the Isle of Wight is staggering, and learning about the people who were there in the past - some of who have been there in the very recent past - helps you to connect with the Isle a little bit more and feel more comfortable there. There's also the chance of seeing a famous person on your Isle of Wight holiday, since a lot of famous and influential people still live or take trips there.


This article was written by Tom Sangers on behalf of Melville Hall who offer Isle of Wight accommodation in a Sandown hotel.

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