Ethics of Mystery Shopping

Published: 14th November 2007
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As the name suggests, Mystery Shopping or Secret Shopping is a profession wherein things need to be done a little "secretively". A lot of confidential information and statistics are involved in Mystery Shopping job, which need to be kept between you and your Mystery Shopping Company. Do not think that you need to be like an undercover agent, but yes, you have to ensure that high standards and ethics are maintained in compliance with Government rules and regulations. This is advised, not only to safeguard the interest of you and your Mystery Shopping Company, but also the interest of the profession.

Although Mystery Shopping is a fun job, there are certain ethics that Mystery Shoppers or Secret Shoppers need to adhere to. You are expected to follow these morally, as a duty towards your Mystery Shopping Company and the profession of Mystery Shopping.

- Conducting Mystery Shopping services in an honest and ethical manner.

- Conducting Mystery Shopping services in compliance with the company's rules and regulation.

- Submitting reports on or before deadlines.

- Honoring all confidentiality agreements between you and your Mystery Shopping Company.

- Giving an immediate notice to the company if you cannot perform a shop for any reason.

- Returning follow-up calls or e-mails in a timely manner.

- Not falsifying or misrepresenting reports.

- Being totally unbiased while reporting.

- Keeping paper work and notes for at least 60 days in case questions arise by client.

- Not contacting the client company directly without prior approval of your Mystery Shopping Company.

- Not sharing information with others about the Mystery Shopping Company and its clients.

Following these basic principles, will not only earn you a good name and keep you on good terms with your Mystery Shopping Company, but also, it will ensure you a good Mystery Shopping career in the long run.
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