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Published: 12th October 2009
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Electric wheelchair users may have independence while they are moving about in the day. However, there is still an aspect of their live which require external assistance from caregivers, that is the transfer of the wheelchair user from his electric wheelchair to bed at the end of the day.

Most accidents that happened to wheelchair users are caused by the users as a result of trying to move from their electric wheelchairs to their beds. Users will move their electric wheelchairs by the side of the side of the bed and use their hands to support themselves onto the bed. This is a very dangerous act as a slip of the hands can cause the user to tumble out of his wheelchair and onto the floor. The consequence will be unthinkable if there are no family or friends at home to render immediate assistance.
Fortunately, all these unnecessary accidents are a thing of the past with the invention of a new electric wheelchair to bed conversion machine. This is actually invented by Panasonic, a Japanese company. This state of the art machine actually is an all-in-one facility for the wheelchair users. It brings to the wheelchair users a new dimension of life and more importantly, electric wheelchair users can relish in their new found independence. This latest innovative product aims to address the problem of the aging population in Japan where the increased number of people over 60s is putting a strain on the health care industry. As people age, many lose their ability to walk and have to rely on wheelchairs for the remaining part of their lives. The low birth rate in Japan compounds the problem as there is a smaller number of people replacing the retired and taking care of their parents. The health worker to patient ratio is getting higher as a result.

This new robotic bed integrates many human robot technologies that are a hallmark of Japanese innovations. The intuitive controls make the machine easy to operate for the aged and disabled. No training is required as transformation from electric wheelchair to bed is at the touch of a button. The interactive surface has other controls that can communicate with household appliances such as TV and security cameras.
The electric wheelchair users can remain on his seat the whole time during the transformation process. When it is in the bed mode and converting to electric wheelchair, the upper half of the bed rises to form a back support while the lower half lowers to become leg rest. A motorized unit under the bed then slides out along with the bed to power the electric wheelchair. As this is happening, the curved canopy over the capsule like machine rises.

There are also built in sensors to the electric wheelchair to prevent collision with obstacles and people during movements.
Machines are slowly taking over the job of health worker in providing care for the aged people. This new space like machine is jazzy and will definitely appeal to the electric wheelchair users.

It is a relief to electric wheelchair users as this innovative equipment pushes them towards greater independence and I am confident the adoption rate, provided the price is right, will be high amongst the wheelchair population. In the future, even used electric wheelchairs can be converted to fit into the machine too.
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