DVI cables: Types, benefits and limitations

Published: 13th February 2009
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D-V-I is an abbreviation of Digital-Video-Interface, which is a well-known form of improving the quality of flat panel LCD screens and present day video graphics cards with the help of video interface technology. DVI cables are being increasingly used by the manufacturers of video cards and most of the cards comprise of DVI productivity port along with it. It is mainly used as a normal computer interface but it was also used as a digital mode of transferring Plasma display or EDTV or HDTV as also video displays of ultra-high-end for movies, TV and DVDs.

Types of DVI connections:

Usually there are 3 types of DVI connections.

1. DVI-Digital, which is used for direct digital links between video cards i.e., the source video and digital LCD screens or CRT and offers a fast and superior quality image.

2. DVI-Analog, which is most commonly used when connecting to VGA devise and there is sometimes loss of quality in the absence of digital signal.

3. DVI-Integrated can be used in digital to digital as well as analog to analog cables and is most popular among three.

Benefits of DVI-cables

1. Digital connection between the system and the monitor is allowed with the help of a range of digital interface connectors.

2. It is possible for monitors with high resolution to have improved cable bandwidth because of DVI cables.

3. EMI issues that are created by analog systems are removed by DVI cables.

4. DVI cables allow easy realization of software characterizations that are built into windows and or supplementary operating systems.

5. Transitional interface consistency with analog systems, monitors and displays are offered in limited way. DVI cables can be used anywhere especially on the back of the HDTV tuner while some of the DVD players also provide DVI outputs. To install a DVI output is very easy and you just have to line up the multiple pins of the connector up the receptacle on your HDTV tuner or your TV and push it in gently.

One thing that you should understand is that you can view high definition content straightforwardly on your HDTV immediately after its broadcast but you cannot record it.
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